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Anyone here compared Cheetah X15 vs ATA drives in FS?

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Sorry for those of you who have heard my obsessional concerns over this, however I'm hoping there will be some new readers who might just have emperical evidence. GinoC posted some positive info on this, but I'll take more. For those who haven't seen the arguement, it goes like this: since FS2002 involved almost steady HD reads, ~ 1 or more per second of flight, ranging from 120KB to 2.4MB on my system, I'm thinking this may in fact be a source of low level stutters on my (and other) systems. Hardly anyone has tested out ultra fast SCSI using the Cheetah X15 to see if these HD accesses in fact have less impact on CPU use than with ATA drives. Here is a pic of HD reads measured with System Montitor on my P3 with 512mb ram, Radeon 64, and ATA33 drive.I ran the test again, and this time while taxing around KSAN, I was seeing up to 2.4MB reads as often as every few seconds. I'm convinced since FS likes to use as much CPU as possible, that these pesky read procedures are sabotaging it JUST ENOUGH to cause the microstutters we've all come to know and not love.Tell me if you have 1st hand experience with Cheetah X15 systems, or similar high perf SCSI for your file system.I have purchased about 25% of my new system so far, and built my super cooling solution for max overclocking hehe, however the file system remains unclear . . .Noel

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