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How To Screen Shot?

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Howdy Roger,Very easy to capture a screen shot. Get the picture that you want on your screen, preferably in fullscreen then simply press the Prt Scr key. the Prt Scr is of course the shorthand way to say print screen :)After pressing this key that is right above the Insert key and the Home key, hit Alt+Tab this will minimize the full screen picture and allow you to bring up the Paint program, or what ever graphics program you use. If you are in a window instead of full screen simply bring up your Paint program. Once in Paint simply paste your screen capture into Paint. either right click in your Paint program, then click Paste or go to Edit on the menu and click Paste. The screen capture will be in the Paint program at whatever screen resolution you saved it and all you need to do now is Save AS, and you will have your picture.Happy Days to you,

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