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  1. I just loaded an fms file saved from Plan G into X-Plane 11.10b8, all my other flight plans are in fms format and they loaded into the Piper Arrow OK.
  2. Didn't mean to double this message.
  3. The advice that flipperflops gives is very very good advice, another thing that may help at the outset is take a couple of Dramamine. I used this when I got a bit queasy, and it helps quite a bit. For most of your flying when starting out don't do sharp turns or steep dives until you become accustomed to it. I still sometimes feel a bit uneasy after an extensive helicopter run with a lot of really quick turns. By building up to it I can usually do a couple of hours in flight without any problems, but I did have to work up to it first. I was somewhat surprised that I would get motion sickness, in my younger days I never got sea sick at sea or any kind of motion sickness. Age has a way of changing things however.
  4. Just did a quick circle around San Diego before Blindspot comes on NBC. Smooth and FPS are staying up well, Oculus Rift is steady at 90, Tray Tool gives a solid 90 fps with 97% headroom.
  5. To h3egc, When you check VR optimizations in FlyInside with X-Plane 11,any version of 11, ( but I am running 11.10b6 currently).you lose the water textures. The water looks flat and lifeless. There are a few other things but water is the main thing that sticks out.
  6. You might try unchecking VR Optimizations in FlyInside. This works for a lot of missing things in X-Plane 11.
  7. After updating FlyInside to 1.83 to work in X-Plane 11.10b5 and 6, (thak you FlyInside), I no longer get the fps listed at the top of the monitor window. FPS never did show up in the HMD but did show up on the monitor before 1.83 and the 11.10b. Does anyone else have this problem? Not a bad problem as the FPS do show up with the FlyInside tag, just wondering.
  8. The full version is exactly the same as the demo. you don't have to download again if you have the demo, just input the key, after you buy it to unlock the demo and you have it. Just be sure to keep the key in a safe place because at random times the sim will ask for the key. Copy and paste it in and you are good to go.
  9. Yes it happens from time to time, for me it seems to be most likely after a beta update, but that is not always the case. The key is always in so just have to click and updates immediately. That is not the case however with the XP 11.05r that I put on my D: drive. with that one I have to manually put the key in each time it asks.
  10. Thanks for the heads up, I downloaded it and it is a bit of fun. There are several freebies out there. .
  11. Thanks for the answer Terry, that's exactly what I was wondering about, don't have a wheel either and don't intend to buy one now as I am saving for helicopter controls. So will forgo the truck sim for now. Thanks again,
  12. Why did you remove American Truck Sim? I have been thinking about buying it as I am a retired professional driver. did you not have a good experience with it?
  13. Was able to download the ortho from Arc, looks pretty good. I then downloaded MisterX's Catalina as I am a fan of MisterX. currently I am using that because of the airport being finished. LOL Thanks everyone for the input.
  14. Go to Settings/ Graphics/Main Monitor/Visual offsets. Visual offsets will sometimes get skewed for some reason, and make things look angled, usually the cockpit panel will be tilted, set everything back to 0.00 should help.
  15. OK thanks Tony. That is the information I was hoping for, I'll try one of these right now.