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  1. Don't hesitate, don't meditate, just get it.
  2. Here is a link for realityxp forum on avsim. https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/767-the-realityxp-support-forum/
  3. I don't have Aerofly but when your frames are jumpy and shuddery it is called judder and is almost always caused from your settings being too high, or Super Sampling too high. I would try setting all settings to low and Super Sampling set to no more than 1.5 in OTT, see if you get a solid frames. Then after getting things looking OK as far as judder, start increasing things slowly. takes a bit of time but well worth doing. The rig you have is more than capable. Good luck.
  4. On my version of OTT when I click the Add profile at the top of the list it locks the whole app up and apparently nothing happens. I looked at the shortcut at the bottom of the task bar and noticed there were two files showing up, for OTT, when clicking the second file it came up blank but I right clicked the blank window and maximized it and the profile window showed up and allowed me to make changes. Hope this makes sense.
  5. If you need to reset your floor, go into SteamVR settings and redo room setup. to find the correct height for flightsims measure the distance from your floor to eyelevel while you are sitting down, not your height when standing. In flightsimming we are always sitting down instead of standing up.
  6. I can't seem to get the mouse to zoom so far. Perhaps I'm not doing it right?
  7. I have seen several posts wishing to be able to zoom in native VR. There is in fact a zoom available, it is the equals key on the keyboard for zoom out and the minus key to zoom back in.
  8. For those having trouble with XP 10 or even 9 planes, generally if you open the plane in XP11 planemaker just open save and close, they will pretty much work in XP11. If you do this with a XP9 plane first open save and close in XP 10 planemaker, then in XP 11 planemaker. Not every XP 9 plane will work, but some of them do. I have a plane made for XP 9.6 that works beautifully in XP 11.20VR. That is the T34 Mentor from J. Rollon. Wonderful plane.
  9. Presently the only way to interact with XP 11 in native VR is with the touch controllers, and the only official support is for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. That doesn't mean that other HMDs won't work. As you have found out you can see the hanger so as soon as they implement something other than the touch controllers to control you should be good to go. LR is looking into the possibility of mouse use.
  10. There is a zoom function click = (equals sign), on the keyboard to zoom in and the - (minus sign), on the keyboard to zoom back out.
  11. I have a 6850K at 3.6 Ghz and A GTX1080. Your 1070 will probably do as well or nearly well as my 1080 does and I would bet the 6600 will be Ok also. You won't max out but with orthotiles you really don't have to have a lot of autogen and in VR AA is not nearly as important as it is in flat screen. I run FXAA only in VR and it looks good, when in flat screen I had to run 8X+ all of the letters added toget rid of the shimmering.
  12. My Oculus Rift CV1 weighs 18.7 oz. (530.136 grams) As already stated you can see under the nose piece, but it isn't really made that way. It depends on the shape of your face. LOL.
  13. You maybe able to run room setup again and find something that is not quite right. To get to room settings right click the SteamVR icon and click room settings. I put this up as some of us are really not use to Steam, I know I had to stumble around in Steam for awhile LOL