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  1. Was able to download the ortho from Arc, looks pretty good. I then downloaded MisterX's Catalina as I am a fan of MisterX. currently I am using that because of the airport being finished. LOL Thanks everyone for the input.
  2. Go to Settings/ Graphics/Main Monitor/Visual offsets. Visual offsets will sometimes get skewed for some reason, and make things look angled, usually the cockpit panel will be tilted, set everything back to 0.00 should help.
  3. OK thanks Tony. That is the information I was hoping for, I'll try one of these right now.
  4. Has anyone been able to get good orthophotos for Catalina? I have downloaded with Ortho4xPlane both from Bing and from Google both times Catalina is covered with empty tiles, the tiles have a picture of a camera in a circle with a crossbar, the whole island is covered with these empty tiles. Previewing the downloads shows the island and it looks OK in the previews. The rest of Los Angeles is fine.
  5. That's it exactly! I'm not a gamer, flight sim is all I do in VR, in fact I have never played any other game on a computer other than flight simming. I've been doing that since the middle 80's started on a TRS 80 Model I upgraded to the model III and have been upgrading ever since. LOL. I had been following Oculus Rift for some time waiting for the right time to jump, which turned out to be now.
  6. If you like helicopters the Bell 407 from Dreamfoil will fill the payware bill perfectly. For freeware helicopters the Bell 429 from the org, is an amazing freeware easily payware quality in looks and flight.
  7. If you mean the NVidia control panel, download Gforce Experience, and run it. that should give you the control panel if you don't already have it.. Right click any empty space on your desktop, you should get NVidia control panel in the drop down box.
  8. FlyInside is worth buying. There is no telling when native VR support will come for XP 11, I'm afraid it will be close to the end of the year if not the middle of next year, judging how LR releases their updates. Of course that is only guessing. I don't have Aerofly or DCS so don't know how their VR is, but I am glad I am not missing out on XP 11 VR.
  9. If you go into FlyInside settings, they give four different options for resolution. The 3840 x 2374 is the clearest for me, but does cut down on the fps. the next lowest setting is still readable and gives a bit more fps, but I prefer the higher resolution. In VR I use the 2x+SSAA+FXAAwhich is acceptable to me in VR but in flat screen I have to use 8X+, I can't stand the shimmering that I get in flatscreen at 8X + I get away from the shimmering. In VR the shimmering is not nearly as noticeable, it is still there but not as objectionable to me. I think that shimmering is different for different people, I see people using 2X AA in flat screen without any problems apparently, but one of the few things that drive me crazy, if that makes any sense. LOL
  10. For those having a bit of difficulty reading small gauges in VR, and if you are using FlyInside, you can make the cockpit just a little bit larger than life size by decreasing the world scale. I did this in the Dreamfoil Bell 407 helicopter by changing the world scale to 90% rather than 100%, this makes the cockpit just a bit larger and the small gauges on the 407 are all readable. I have a I7 6850K and GTX 1080, all stock no overclock, although the 6850 K runs natively at 3.75 MHz instead of the stated 3.6 MHz, so I guess it is in a sense a small overclock. Anyway at those settings, in the Los Angeles Basin I get a solid 25/94 fps as reported by FlyInside, that is with maximum world objects, everything else turned down to one click less than maximum. By running ortho4xplane I can easily turn down the world objects two clicks left and still get acceptable graphics for me. At those settings I get a 34/94 fps as reported by FlyInside I keep the AA at 2x, Oculus trey is set for 2.00 supersampling and resolution is 3840 by 2376. with these settings all of the gauges are readable. Of course the screen door effect and haze are still there, for me however it is not a problem as in the real life area I fly in visibility quite often is under 10 miles to 7 miles anyway. Haze is quite pronounced in the summer times, quite often.
  11. Looks pretty good in the daytime with VR on.
  12. I got the Rift on the summer sale with Touch. FlyInside has a setting for 3840x2040 which I use and works OK with a GTX 1080 video card. Get 25/95 to 30/90 in the LAX basin. In the new LasVegas default scenery I get about the sam fps unless I am flying right down the strip, on the Las Vegas Strip it gets pretty choppyy VR, but around the periphery of the strip it does OK.
  13. I can relate to the wife thing Jimmy, my wife doesn't think its a big deal at all. apparently she can't see in 3D, although she didn't like the tyrannosaurus rex running over her in the dreamdeck app. Have you done a flight sim yet? X-Plane 11 is remarkable in VR.
  14. Thanks a lot WebMaximus, I really appreciate the answer. I don't unplug my HDM its so on handy to get to the back of my computer, I do however power down the computer when I'm not using it. I turn off all power to the computer anyway. I only use VR for flightsimming, have never been into actual gaming, I might start with Robo Call however, LOL
  15. I would like to know the answer to the OP question too, not everyone goes to the Orbx forum, or that forum or another forum, that's why I come to the Virtual Reality forum to learn a VR question.. I don't have time to lurk in every forum. :=)