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Mike Stone's B757-200

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Greetings from Minneapolis:This really isn't a screen shot post despite my eventual request at the end of this post. I've been working on a modification of Mike Stone's B757-200 airfile as I think that approach speeds, take-off thrust and pitch attitude are a bit off, at least on my system and to my eyes. Specifically, on take-off roll, this plane accelerates to in access of 250 KIAS in just under 20 seconds, making it very difficult to control excessive thrust and to trim for correct pitch attitude after rotation. Got that fixed by knocking down the thrust levels a bit. Also, I was getting final approach speeds near 100 KIAS with full flaps and 30% fuel remaining.....ATC was all over me and cutting light twins and high performance singles in front of me on final approach! I fixed that by increasing some of the weight paramemters to reflect closer to real-world stats. One problem remains: I can't seem to get this plane to flare enough or to trim to what I observe to be the right slight nose-high approach trim I see the Northwest jets use on final here at Minneapolis-St. Paul. It seems my mains and nose wheeel strike almost simultaneously. Anyone have any suggestions? And my request is could you maybe take a screenshot of your Mike Stone 757-200 on short final and post it here or in the screen shots forum so I can see how it looks for other people? Thanks everyone, and sorry about the long message.Alex ChristoffN562ZMinneapolis,

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