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O/T -- IE6 cache? HTML guru needed!

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This is kind of relevant to my Fsimming - because it affects my Fsim website browsing and annoys me immensely!! :(I have been using Internet Explorer since version 3.2 -- and I have always been able to use the cache in the manner described in the cache settings . If you "go back" to a page that you previously downloaded, it gets all the files out of the cache and basically puts them onto the screen almost instantaneously --- WELL, that is the way it is SUPPOSED to work in Version 6 . But I am finding that mostly when I click "Back" -- it goes and downloads the page all over again , even though I have only just been to that page a couple of minutes before - this of course slows down browsing enormously. Please don't tell me to change the settings in "tools/internet options/temporary Iternet files/settings " because whatever setting I choose , it does the same thing!!!Now, I suspect that this is the way it is supposed to be with SOME websites -- I know/suspect for example that the Avsim pages have some kind of dynamic content arrangement that forces browses to redownload each and every page every time you go to it -- especially in the forums.Another instance where it manifests itself is if you have downloaded a large graphically rich page and click on "save" -- it goes and downloads everything on the page all over again before it saves the page .Any ideas would be MOST graciously received Thanks Barry

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