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Adjusting LOD on a Radeon 9700?

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I just got my new computer with a Radeon 9700 and while looking through posts about getting rid of blurries, many people said that adjusting the LOD to -0.0 would help a lot. I was wondering how I can do that on a Radeon?Thanks![TABLE BORDER=0][tr][td]



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I don't know about LOD on a 9700, but I'm guessing you should do three things to max out image quality on that card:1. In DirectX Diag utility (run DXDIAG.EXE) you should try disabling AGP Texture Acceleration. This will force your card to not use system memory via the AGP bus to store textures. I have a lowly Radeon 64 DDR VIVO card, vintage 2 + years ago, and almost never have blurry texures and THAT is running the sim at 1792 x 1344 x 32. Your racehorse has 128mb of ram which should do twice as good as far as handling textures within the video memory only.2. Make sure you are running Anisotropic filtering via your card's DirectX settings in display properties. That should cut down on the distance-relating blurring of textures in FS.3. Finally, run AntiAliasing as you see fit. That card should do very well at 4x or 6x AA to get rid of jaggies and swimming textures.Noel

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