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AVSIM emails being blocked by ISP spam filtering

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From the AVSIM front page:"Library List Server News and UpdatesPosted: Saturday, August 19, 2006 - 19:09Many thousands of you are subscribers to the daily AVSIM Library Mail List emailings that inform you of new uploads to the AVSIM Library over the previous 24 hours. A couple of weeks ago, we started getting complaints from some users of this list that their email updates were not being sent. Well, in fact, they are being sent at approximately 4:30 a.m. EDT every morning. If you are an MSN, Hotmail, or similar email services, you will find that your library update is not getting to you. Yes, we are sending the list every morning, as we have been doing for a couple of years now. The problem is that MSN, Hotmail and others have deemed those email to be spam, and they are blocking receipt of your requested list server updates. We have contacted MSN/Hotmail and have attempted to convince them that YOUR requested list server email is legitimate. Seemingly, that explanation has not worked as MSN/Hotmail users and others continue to not receive their daily update. All we can suggest is that if you wish to get your daily update back, that you raise the issue with your service provider and re-enforce the point that you have requested that email, and that they are blocking legitimate communications from AVSIM."I also saw this topic in some USENET threads.Are the messages still being blocked when members add the library notifications message source to their Hotmail white list? I've just been reading things in the forums and on the front page, so I'm not subscribed to any of that.Note that MSN Internet Access Subscribers are able to read and send mail from the Hotmail web interface (Windows Live Mail Beta too) with their MSN username and password. Click the "Hotmail" link at http://www.msn.comThe Hotmail web interface offers options to divert messages the spam filter idetifies as spam to an online "junk Mail" folder OR delete the messages completely. If the option to delete "junk mail" is activated, the filtered messages will NOT appear in any of your email folders AT ALL. The option can't be changed through Outlook Express, so you have to log in through the web interface to change the "junk mail" filtering option.The options pages also allow Hotmail subscribers to exempt an address from spam filtering (their account only), a "White List". I haven't seen an option to exempt a whole domain, so you would have to exempt individual mail addresses. Again these features must be set from the web interface. AVSIM may want to advise AVSIM members which address(s) to add to their white list when they subscribe to library notifications, forum topic subscriptions or forum subcriptions.Some other web based email accounts MAY use your online contacts list as a white list for ISP level spam filters. Of course these filters use the contacts listed on the web interface, as they wouldn't have access to the contacts list or Windows address book on your hard drive. Check your web based Email providor's site for instructions.

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Update:My mail account with the msn.com domain is set to divert messages interpreted as

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