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  1. A United 727 on a trip from Norfolk, Virginia to San Diego, California with a stop in Pittsburg and a change to a little Embreir at LAX. I was initially disappointed that the cabin windows were obscured by morning dew. During the takeoff roll there was a sudden sound of rushing water while the cabin windows simultaneously cleared. As it was an overcast morning the aircraft quickly climbed into the clouds. There must have been some mist above the denser body of the clouds, as the aircraft's shadow was surrounded by a circular rainbow, It felt a bit intimidating in the little Embreir surrounded by all the 747s and DC10s at LAX. Boarding was through an actual gate in a fence. At San Diego we were directed through a gate outside one end of the terminal to 'baggage claim" on the sidewalk in front of the terminal!
  2. No, but this is more like an auto supplier putting a device on a car that counts how many miles you start the engine and charging extra if you are going to be able to start it after the first few hundred times.
  3. I was sitting in front of the TV wondering why NASA hadn't announced the booster separation and why the boosters weren't diverging smoothly the way they usually do. While it wasn't immediately obvious (when the tank disintegrated) exactly what had happened, it WAS immediately obvious (from the sudden vapor cloud and careening boosters) the launch was NOT progressing normally. For a SHORT period there I hoped the orbiter would be visible gliding out of the cloud. Unidentified debris was clearly visible on the TV falling into the ocean a few minutes later. I don't recall NASA verifying it, but I suspect the falling crew compartment was one of the visible pieces.I feared the shuttle program would be completely canceled.
  4. Probably referring to Looking Glass Studio's Flight Unlimited III ©1999
  5. :-rollThe thing people keep forgetting concerning this issue is that aircraft don't in ANY fashion propel themselves by pushing backwards against the ground, runway or giant treadmill they are supported on prior to takeoff. Note that they don't immediately lose speed, and thus lift, immediately after takeoff. This is because the forward propulsion is produced by exerting force rearward on some combination of air (propeller driven aircraft), engine exhaust (turbojet and the occasional rocket propelled aircraft) or a combination of air and exhaust (the fan jets used by many modern "jet" airliners). Every action (forcing air and/or exhaust rearward) absolutely MUST result in an equal and opposite reaction (forward force against engine and the attached aircraft). The modest amount of bearing friction in the wheel hubs would accomplish little to counter the forces generated by the engine(s).:-jumpyAs long as the wheel brakes are released the treadmill would have negligible effect on the ability of the aircraft to move forward compared to the air and the rest of the world. The ONLY thing the treadmill could accomplish would be making the wheels spin at double the usual RPM.
  6. I too found it odd that here wasn't alternate instrumentation. I thought such a late model would haves altitude and airspeed capabilities through a GPS receiver. I also thought most jets used for over water flights were equipped with inertial navigation systems before GPS gained popularity.
  7. Just create a plan with some nearby intersection or other defined waypoint as a temporary substitute for your user defined waypoint. Save the flight plan.Open the flight plan with Notepad.Look for your temporary waypoint in the lines that start with "waypoint.#=" (substitute a number for the #). The latitude and longitude values for each waypoint are easy to spot. Change the latitude and longitude values to the position you want to fly to at that point in the plan. You can change the name of the waypoint too ("wpt##" works well)Save the plan back to the hard drive.Load the plan into the simulator.
  8. RobertVA

    Finally some hope

    I'm thinking it's time to:Change ground clearance policies so that planes aren't cleared to taxi unless there's a reasonable probability they will be able to taxi ALL THE WAY to the hold stop line and obtain takeoff clearance shortly after reaching it. Basically shift the waiting to the concourse waiting areas at the gates instead of a having a line of aircraft on the taxiway. If an arriving flight needs a gate, the air line will just be required to cancel a departing flight or postpone bringing the departing aircraft up to the gate for loading.If enough planes can't be handled during the peak demand period of the day than some people are going to have to stay put or travel during off peak periods AND airline schedules or equipment usage (bigger planes with more seats) changed to reflect that. Many airports are under utilized in the early AM hours anyway.
  9. The picture shows the leading edge of the wing AND the engine intakes. The picture is from the FRONT half of the fuselage. With the wing tip in the right side of the PICTURE that HAS to be the LEFT wing.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/176238.jpg
  10. Oh Really?!:-hmmmI've never seen the fan shrouds attached to the aft end like that. Must be a new engine concept! I haven't seen a reverse swept wing on that large an aircraft before either
  11. OR:Use one Windows XP log in to fly fixed wing planesUse a second Windows XP log in to fly helicopters.Since Flight Simulator 9 uses separate .CFG files for each Windows XP log in they should be able to have independent settings.
  12. That would be a matter of adding a GPS "Panel" in the panel.cfg file for the aircraft you want to modify. Look in a default plane's panel.cfg file for an example.Look for lines like: Window02=GPS [/CODE ]And a section similar to (substitude square for curly brackets):[code]{Window02}size_mm=456,378window_size=0.5position=8BACKGROUND_COLOR=0,0,0VISIBLE=0ident=GPS_PANELgauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0 Note that you might have to modify the number portion of "Window02" to give it a new and unique panel number. The "position" has nine possible values representing a 3X3 grid like a Tic-Tac-Toe grid. Keep the "Window##" listing and the "Windows##" sections in numerical order.In some cases you can add the GPS "gage" to an EXISTING virtual cockpit panel. The numbers after the gage name represent coordinate grid position and size. You might need to replace existing gages so that two "gages" in the same location don't cause visual problems. Note that within each of the 2D and virtual cockpit panels each "gage##" has to have unique numbers IN ORDER.Make SURE you back up the aircraft's original panel.cfg before editing this file!Not responsible if some aircraft with DRM refuses to function after you modify the panel.cfg file or replace it with your own!There may be people with more experience with this sort of thing in the MSFS Aircraft and Panel Design forum on this site.
  13. A few percent less fuel sold that ONE day.But what people do participate will buy enough fuel before that date to last until day after the "protest".It will amount to the SAME quantity of fuel sold, the fuel refiners and wholesalers won't be inconvenienced AT ALL and what few retail outlets are leased to smaller businessmen will still sell the usual quantity of coffee, pastries and roller grilled sausages they make their actual profit from anyway.Just remember that the fuel isn't what the retailer makes his/her money on anyway. The fuel pumps are only there to get people in or in the parking lot of the convenience store. The retailer justs adjusts the price to cover the cost of getting the wholesaler to deliver it and operate the equipment to pump it into your fuel tank.A LARGE quantity of drivers would have to park their cars for WEEKS before the wholesalers and refiners would even notice.
  14. The problem is when somebody decides they want to care again, then it's time for some attorneys to obtain LOTS of YOUR money. The expiration on copyright isn't anywhere NEAR as short as on patents and the earliest PC and game console applications marketed for consumers aren't anywhere near old enough. The attorney fees could get very expensive arguing that whoever last bought the rights wasn't diligent about discovering and prosecuting violators.It probably needs to be explicitly declared "public domain" by whoever actually owns the rights.Centuries old music would be old enough for any rights on the sheet music to have expired BUT the particular performance or recording of that piece by an artist or orchestra would probably be subject to copyright.
  15. RobertVA


    Like "Flight Gear" http://www.flightgear.org/and "X Plane" http://www.x-plane.com/ ?Yes, there are points where each is superior or inferior to Microsoft's simulator."...did not constitute an infringement of copyright..."But does the ruling apply to patents?Might only apply to the UK too.There would probably also be issues of aircraft and instrument manufacturer's licensing instrument faces, cockpit MFD graphics, panel designs and airframe shapes. Remember the "not quite right" aircraft names in Fly II?
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