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Guest StickBender

GAMESPY, and our demand they do something

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Guest StickBender

With the ignored problems with GAMESPY, I am asking the community to let them know, we are not past taking action. WE purchased this product, and we deserve at least decent performance...My recent letter to them, I run GOTBush? A group of over 30 countries that enjoy back country flying. Recently we have been wiped out, by game spy anomaly's. I want them to know, we adore the product, and all they have to do is acknowledge the issues, and lets get them fixed...The seem to want to pass the buck. But if we all, as a cummunity say something, how can they ignore the problems, and we all know of the problems..My most recent, of many messages... Our session has people from 30 + countries, and they are all so fed up, they are willing to campaign to get something done. Like file in local small claims court... At triple damages, as the law provides to consumers. But I have been trying to get Gamespy to just act, to just do something. LOOK, please everyone, send them a note to encourage them to address this long time, horrible issues... I have several people behind this, who are willing to spend an extra $25, on top of the cost of FSX, to file in small claims court, near them....here is my most recent note to them...(This is our opinion and not that Avsim!)In the last 30 minutes, we have tried to have a worldwide session, and each time it says "THE NETWORK CONNECTION HAS BEEN LOST" this is on top of "YOU HAVE LOGGED ON FROM A DIFFERENT COMPUTER" etc. Or, being the host, we get a message that says "THE HOST HAS TERMINATED THE SESSION" WHAT? WE ARE THE HOST, AND WE SURE DIDN'T TERMINATE IT! We have observed IP addresses of the server/session changing several times a minute. FIX THIS NOW, WE are NOT PLAYING AROUND, FIX THIS, NOW! We have several people saying DO IT, GET ON THEM, LETS SUE THEM ALL AT ONCE. WE HAVE THE RIGHT AS CONSUMERS, and this has gone on long enough. WE WILL FILE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, AND OUT SIDE THE COUNTRY, ALL OVER THE WORLD IF WE MUST, there is even a radio station following out plight... Who loves our sessions, and totally supports us. Checks in with us. THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY IS UP IN ARMS OVER YOUR DESTRUCTIVE, HURTFUL, HORRIBLE SYSTEM, you are causing EMOTIONAL DAMAGE TO PEOPLE, AND CAUSING CONSUMER FRAUD. THESE PEOPLE, THAT LOOK FORWARD ALL DAY TO GETTING HOME AND JOINING THEIR FRIENDS WORLD WIDE. The spotlight is on you, don't think we are kidding, APOLOGY TIME, DO SOMETHING or pay us back, for all the time we have invested. DO SOMETHING or pay us back!WE EXPECT SOME POST/WORD on our website, that indicates you are doing something. NO WORD THERE MEANS YOU ARE DOING NOTHING!! WHICH WOULD BE REALLY REALLY BAD FOR YOUR BUSINESS.Cause, the world is reading this post....... And that includes all the game companies... All future potential business. Maybe all our past attempts to help you resolve these issues should not have been ignored, and attempted to be passed on? Those companies have been made very aware, unless you do something, any products they, all of them, (shall we list em?)attempt to sell that have anything to do with gamespy, will be widely boycotted by the community. People are so angry because of your theft (of their joy), they will live without future products... We have polls to prove it...Here is your chance, Speak, ON THE WEB GameSpy, APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THE HURT YOU HAVE CAUSED! They (companies) have all been made aware, many have created accounts there waiting to see what we all work out, the world is watching.... And that is NOT a joke.... Look us up on youtube...It would be wise, to use some sincere words here....WE WILL HELP YOU CORRECT ANY PROBLEMS, WE WILL TROUBLE SHOOT, WHAT EVER IT TAKES, JUST DO SOMETHING.............bushpilots.simgameit.com

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