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eddf cyvr in 742 pw

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the end of 742 series for tonight back to "classic" is good sometimes...!!!!FLT PLAN: EDDF/CYVR MACH:M84 A/C: B742 FUEL TIME CORR TOGWT LDGWT AVG W/CDEST CYVR 232851 09.29 ------ 711752 479900 M005RESV 008000 00.24 ------ALTN 010368 00.27 ------ ALTN KSEA DIST 0112 W/C M005HOLD 011154 00.30 ------REQD 262373 10.50 ------ BOW 374700 PAYLOAD 075300EXTRA 000379 00.01 ------TAXI 001000TTL AT BO 262752 11.01 ------ RTE MAN DIST 4483EDDF WRB4E WRB UZ710 VES UP992 ZOL UZ10 FLO DCT 67N000W DCT 70N010W DCT 72N020W DCT 75N040W DCT 76N060W DCT 75N080W DCT 72N100W DCT YCB DCT 6609N110W DCT YZF J526 YQU J528 YWL T201 ELIDI KEINN4 CYVREDDF/0320/72N020W/0340/75N040W/0360/YCB/0380/YHY/0390/YOJ/0370/YQU/0390SUMMARY 09.28 FL 32 B/O 239319 PL 075300 TOW 711752 CRZ M84 SUMMARY 09.31 FL 32 B/O 238675 PL 075300 TOW 711752 CRZ LRC -EDDF2345-N0494F320 DCT NAKOM DCT TESGA DCT MARUN DCT WRB UZ710 VES UP992 ZOL UZ10 FLO DCT 67N000W/M084F320 70N010W 72N020W/M084F340 75N040W/M084F360 76N060W 75N080W/N0499F360 72N100W DCT YCB/N0488F380 DCT 6609N11000W DCT YZF J526 YHY/N0482F390 J526 YOJ/N0486F370 J526 YQU/N0489F390 J528 YWL T201 ELIDI KEINN4-CYVR0929 KSEA -EET/EDWW0015 EDVV0021 EKDK0042 ENOS0057 ENSV0101 ENOB0144 BIRD0217 CZEG0506 CZVR0837 67N000W0217 70N010W0251 72N020W0318 75N040W0404 76N060W0441

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