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Fly to Mauritius: LFPG-FIMP-LFPG routes

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FLIGHT AF3866/05JUL Ethiopian route (usual) 5187NM(FPL-AFR3866-IS-B744/H-SIRWY/S-LFPG1400-N0495F330 PTV UM728 VENTO UP3 BINKO UM620 BONAR/N0504F330 R2 TIKATUG300 ETONI/N0497F370 UG300 MA UM665 ANKOR UA665 KARAT UM665 PLS DCT-FIMP1040 FMEE-EET/LFMM0027 LIRR0113 LMMM0213 HLLL0231 HECC0335 HSSS0420 HAAA0547HKNA0706 HCSM0707 FSSS0752 FMMM0906 FIMM1005 REG/FBITF DOF/020705)FLIGHT AF3866/23JUN Yemen route 5258NM(FPL-AFR3866-IS-B744/H-SIRWY/S-LFPG1400-N0499F330 BUBLI UG42 LUVAL UL851 TRA UA10 ADOSA UL612 CHI UL614 PULUN606 SPL UL607 PINDO/N0497F350 UL607 ATH UL995 KEA UL617 SIT UL613PAXIS/N0501F370 UL613 GESAD W3 DBA B12 KATAB A451 LXR R775 DANAK B413ERSAL V641 PARIM DCT HARGA UR775 MOGDU DCT 0004S04624E 0057S04652E0200S04725E 0307S04800E 0413S04835E 0600S04932E 0730S05020E0816S05045E 1000S05142E 1048S05209E 1545S05504E 1630S05531E DCT PLS-FIMP1054 FMEE-EET/LFEE0020 EDFF0029 LSAZ0032 LIMM0045 LDZO0104 LYBA0138 LAAA0144LGGG0158 HECC0257 OEJD0449 OYSC0550 HAAA0617 HCSM0627 HAAA0644HCSM0713 FSSS0754 FMMM0921 FIMM1017 REG/FGEXB DOF/020623)For this one, fly a DCT leg between MOGDU and PLS (1500+ NM !!!): all filed geo coordinate indicate airway crossing points or UIR boundary crossing points.On to the return flight:FLIGHT AF3865/23JUN Ethiopian route 5138NM(FPL-AFR3865-IS-B744/H-SIRWY/S-FIMP0500-N0503F280 DCT PLS UA665 TIDOB/N0507F310 UA665 ANKOR UM665ANTIS/N0500F350 UM665 MA UG300 TIKAT R2 EMITA/N0493F390 R2 KTM UA727MRW R2 BNA M621 OLMAX/N0496F400 UM612 AMANO UN982 MALOG UM729 GALBIUR13 TINIL-LFPG1022 LFPO-EET/FMMM0030 FSSS0131 HCSM0243 HKNA0324 HAAA0325 HSSS0437 HECC0557HLLL0641 LMMM0749 LIRR0807 LIMM0910 LSAG0934 LFMM0938 LSAG0939LFEE0942 LFFF0953 REG/FGITC DOF/020623)FLIGHT AF3865/23FEB Kenyan route 5219NM(FPL-AFR3865-IS-B742/H-SIRWY/S-FIMP1730-N0508F280 DCT PLS UA609 MAEVA/N0504F310 UA609 ATOLA UM609 KISAKUA609 NV UG650 NAK UB612 MLK/N0495F350 UB612 ORNAT B21INDOT/N0480F360 UM622 TRP/N0478F380 UM622 PIGOS UM733 OKTET/N0484F400UM733 GIPNO UT26 LOGNI UN854 DJL-LFPG1122 LFPO-EET/FMMM0027 FSSS0153 HKNA0216 HSSS0405 HLLL0622 LMMM0827 LIRR0856LFMM0946 LFEE1039 LFFF1051 RIF/QUENN UM622 AJO UY268 TINOT LFMLREG/FGCBA DOF/020223)I have posted FSNav files for these at NavData website:, LFLL

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