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Vers 1.9 Priority Setting Not Working

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W98SE, FS2K2, Radar Contact V3.1 latest build, 2.53 GHx, 512 PC2700 DDR.Procview indicates that when not focused AS WXRe is still running at normal even with force idle priority checked. If I use Procview to lower the priority on AS startup, as soon as a flight starts, AS returns to normal priority.I operate off-line and experience long sim pauses of about five seconds including audio pauses from FS ATC or Radar Contact. I would like to disable Flightwatch audio (text display is already disabled) to see if that has any effect.These FS pauses are not present when AS WXRe is not running but got worse version 1.87 and later. Non-related background programs are disabled and memory freed.Start order I'm using is FS to parked aircraft, AS paused using Refresh to trigger, then RC 3.1.

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