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Hi,As we speak I'm flying at FL360 above the UK and suddenly I flew into the rain. I can't imaging that in real life it rains at FL360 when the temp is -51deg...Here's the current METAR:EGKK 221050Z 21013KT 180V240 9999 -SHRA FEW012 SCT018 SCT024 20/15 Q1004Anyone else experienced this? Is it caused by ActiveSky or FS2004?EgbertBTW: It rained only for a couple of minutesEDIT: I use ActiveSky 1.91 networked via WideFS 6.10 / FSUIPC 3.08

Location: Vleuten, The Netherlands, 15.7dme EHAM
System: P3D V4 - 80386 DX2 - 4MB RAM - 3dfx Voodoo5 - Windows 3.11

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Hi there..That's a strange one.. I haven't encountered such a situation. When rain is set by ASwxRE (with FS2004 writes), only the PRECIP TYPE and INTENSITY values are set, ignoring the "Rain Base" value, leaving FSUIPC and FS to figure this out. Perhaps something confused FSUIPC here during the write and the rain base value was set incorrectly. FWIW the rain base value never worked in FS2002 (it always auto set no matter how you set this value), which is why we ignored this setting. Anyways, it can be fixed by adding the correct rain base value when FS2004 detected. But I honestly am not sure we will be releasing another ASwxRE update..... (unless a critical fix is needed, in which case I'll code this along with it). If you have any more information about this or can reproduce it, let me know.. Thanks!-Damian[table border=0" cellspacing="30" cellpadding="0][tr][td align = "left"]Damian ClarkHiFi Simulation SoftwareDeveloper of ActiveSkyThe next-generation weather environment simulation for FS2002!http://hifi.avsim.net/activesky[/td][td]http://hifi.avsim.net/activesky/images/wxrebeta.jpg][/td][/tr][/table://http://hifi.avsim.net/activesky/ima...[/tr][/table

Damian Clark
HiFi  Simulation Technologies

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