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Hi Damian,As i started moving forward to FS2004, i've noticed little problem.FSUIPC 3.x no longer offers "Taxi wind" option, which sets calm winds when on the ground. That's very, very beneficial when you don't have rudder pedals under your table ;)I did some research on Pete Dowson forum. He says it's a problem with new weather environment implemented in FS2004. As i'm not deep into this and my english is also a bit poor, let me quote Pete:"The problem is that when all the different local metar stations are set with their own specific local winds, it is not possible really to keep track of which ones should be set to 1 knot and which not, even if I knew them all (which I don't). If I am setting local weather on behalf of an external program I can replace all of the surface winds by 1 knot winds, but not restore them after -- the data storage and checking mechanism would be a nightmare. It would really be far easier for the external program do handle it instead.In fact, have you asked Marc or Damian for this? I think that would be better, I really do."From programmer standpoint i think it wouldn't need much work (check if the aircrafts on the ground and set calm winds?). In heavy crosswind i found it almost impossible to keep aircraft on the runway during takeoff roll, even _using full rudder input_ (keyboard). It cuts off realism by 30% :(Damian, you couldn't even imagine how grateful i was, if you would release a little patch to fix this. Please consider this ;)Sorry if this had been discussed elsewhere. I've searched last 25 threads with words "taxi wind", but couldn't find anything.Best regards

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