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  1. Out of the box it comes with a year old AIRAC 1702.
  2. FF A320 comes with a single PDF explaining license activation and EFB. Not a single word on how to operate the aircraft. No tutorial.
  3. On my system it's noticeably closer to EIDW in terms of performance than it is to EHBK. The latter is indeed a bit heavier than most airports.
  4. Nope, it's by PAD-Labs & Stairport Sceneries and is actually pretty good, i recommend it!
  5. I have to agree with Tony here... It looks to me like Aerosoft partnered with guy named Omar Masroor recently to update/convert some of their airports for X-Plane 11. He already did some work on Dublin (EIDW), Lugano (LSZA) and now converted GAP Team Stuttgart (EDDS) for X-Plane 11. Apart from Dublin (that doesn't have up to date airport layout), Lugano and Stuttgart are medicore at best IMHO. I mean it's still better than default scenery, but overall both look bland to me. I bought nearly every payware airport scenery released for X-Plane 9/10/11 in the last 5-6 years and i'm disappointed by recent change of Aerosoft release policy. They did really good with Bergen (ENBR) or Maastricht (EHBK) for example and now they're running for easy money. Saddening Oh, and by the way - Lugano zip file is 43 MB, Stuttgart is 36 MB - that gives you an idea what to expect. I'm not buying anything else from them unless it doesn't have "Omar" name attached to it, sorry.
  6. Taxiways layout is not up to date, unfortunately... Been taxing for 10 minutes in the dark before i realized there is no "DS" as per real world charts
  7. I own almost every payware scenery released for X-Plane 10/11 in the last 4-5 years and JustSim is one of my favourite developers. I buy everything from them as soon as it's released and never been disappointed. LOWL and LFMN are slightly more demanding on my system than the average, but on the other hand LBWN is propably the best performing payware scenery i've seen so far (and looks great).
  8. On my 3930k@4.2Ghz (6 physical cores, 12 logical) i have always found Threaded Optimization OFF advice INOP. On my system i get extra FPS by leaving TO ON. This is a significant boost (around 20-25%). Only drawback is that scenery loading during flight takes much longer and can pause sim for a couple of seconds. Since X-Plane scenery load is always using up all cores nicely+full load, this would explain the longer load with TO ON per Ben comments. (previously GTX 980, now GTX 1080)
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself... Also it seems they are not porting to Vulkan but instead adding new eye candy to the already CPU bound, aging OpenGL engine. Isn't it going to be harder to port later after adding new fancy gfx stuff? I guess our CPUs will be busy calculating geometry for years to come (i hope i'm wrong). Not that the new fog or reflections doesn't look good, but ...
  10. X-Plane 10 navdata (also for it's built-in GPS) is already updatable (Navigraph / Aerosoft).
  11. So the main focus is now on eye candy and default aircraft. I'm disappointed to be honest.
  12. No. I always have had my X-Plane folder excluded in Defender. This needs more testing, but i've installed 373.06 and re-installed Anniversary Bugdate (KB3194496) and ... so far so good.
  13. Get a quality payware airport, crank up AA and set texture resolution to "extreme". It's easy to use up all of GTX1080 VRAM, believe me.
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