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Damian Clark

AS2004 Frequently Asked Questions

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This is work in progress! Please feel free to add!Frequently Asked Questions:Is AS2004 compatible with FS2002?No, it is not. AS2004 is compatible with FS2004 ONLY, due to the new station-based structure of the AS2004 weather engine.Can I run AS2004 on WideFS?Yes, AS2004 can run via WideFS on another computer other than your FS computer. The ActiveRadar module, however, must run on the FS system. An ActiveRadar Connector program is made available to point ActiveRadar to your second (AS2004) computer and properly read AS2004 weather data.Does AS2004 completely solve all FS2004 weather issues?No. It does work-around many of these issues, however, and provides a much better overall experience. That was the entire design goal of AS2004. Features like route-based wind smoothing, station-based horizontal visibility smoothing, extended destination wind force, local range suppression and update suppression will help keep your wind, visibility and cloud transitions smoother and more realistic under a wider range of circumstances.Does AS2004 affect performance?AS2004 by itself does not generally cause a noticeable performance hit. Certain unavoidable hits, such as doing actual FS weather writes, are intelligently handled via efficient write processes and update suppression to keep stutters away during critical phases of your flight. ActiveRadar, the internal FS module, CAN cause a performance hit depending on your selected radar detail options. ActiveRadar has many detail and performance-related options that can help you fine-tune the best balance of performance and radar resolution for your system.Do I need the registered version of FSUIPC? Will it help me at all?You do not need the registered version. AS2004 and ActiveRadar are fully accredited for use with unregistered or registered FSUIPC. Registered FSUIPC features including baro smoothing, graduated visibility and occasional high cirrus-layer can compliment and work together with AS2004's own variations of such features, but they are not required. We do however always recommend the registered version for those who are serious about their simming. It is a great add-on that provides many benefits in addition to complimenting AS2004.How do I purchase AS2004?Upon release, an announcement will be made here in the forum and on our website homepage (make sure to refresh your browsers!). SimMarket will be handling the e-commerce distribution. They accept credit card, mail and phone orders.I own wxRE. Will I get a discount to upgrade to AS2004?AS2004 is not an upgrade. It is a completely new product designed from the ground-up for FS2004. We are offering a special discount offer, however, as a way of saying thanks to our loyal past customers. The discount price is 19.95 EUR (9.95 EUR or 33% off the price to new users).I didn't know AS2004 was being released, and I just purchase wxRE. Will I get AS2004 for free?No. AS2004 has been publicly in development for almost a year. We have posted numerous press releases here on the forum, at our website, and on various simulation community sites. AS2004 is a completely new product with a new set of costs involved in providing it, including an expensive private server system. Your purchase of AS2004 is also your subscription to use this private server system. For being a past HiFi customer, you will receive a special 33% discount off the purchase of AS2004. Damian ClarkHiFi Simulation SoftwareDeveloper of ActiveSkyhttp://www.hifisim.comhttp://www.hifisim.com/images/as2004betateam.jpg

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