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Square Cutouts in Broken Layer

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AS2004.5 FSUIPC 3.40 FS 9.1. W98SE, NVidea 6800GT 256M VRAM v.61.76 SYS: 768 MB RAM (500 MB free going into FS and AS). No AR.dll installed. I use Reality-XP WX500 and its display was correctly depicting the moisture in cloud environment. Only running AS and FS9.1 in this circumstance.Flying along north of the south shore of Lake Superior at a frontal transition or lake edge effect at about FL120. Layers below correctly displayed OC with some builds in the distance.When I looked to either side view when there was no solid OC, I saw rectangular clear openings in some layers below. It was the first time I've noticed that.While maybe not directly AS2004.5 caused, though this might be the best place to ask.Here's the AS .ini://AS2004.5 configuration file B147[General]WindowPosX = 105WindowPosY = 105DefaultWeatherFolder = H:AS2004SuppressionCeiling = 4000SurfaceWindLimit = 10CloudLayerLimit = 5LocalSuppressionRange = 100MinimumVisibility = 0MaximumVisibility = 59LastPlanFolder = NONEIncreasedWake = FalseDisableWindsAloft = FalseForceTstormsWithCB = FalseAutoConvertPlanFiles = TrueDisableVisGraduation = FalseForceDestinationWeatherZone = FalsePreventIcing = FalseOnlineUpdates = FalseExtendedDestinationWindsForce = FalseGlobalWrites = FalseDepictFS9HazeLayer = TrueExtendTstormLayers = TrueDisableDirectWindControl = FalseVoicePlayback = FalseLocalSuppression = TrueStartupSound = FalseDisableGroundUpdates = FalseUseProxyServer = FalseFogLayerGeneration = TrueUpdateSuppression = TrueOvercastEnhancement = TrueIgnoreFSReadyStatus = FalseFSUIPCWindSmoothing = TrueLimitSurfaceWinds = FalseLimitCloudLayers = TrueAutoGlobalWriteToggle = TrueRainWithTS = TrueDisableUpperLayerGeneration = FalseVisibilitySmoothing = TrueDisableMessages = FalseAutoTimeZoneDetection = TrueUpdateInterval = 10VATSIMData = FalseZuluConversion = -5AloftPredictability = 100WindDriftRate = 0TAFProcessing = FalseEnforceVisibilityLimits = TrueWakeTurb = FalseStartPaused = FalseUseSystemTime = TrueDisableCAVOKClouds = FalseProxyAddress = NONEI had just installed FSWs latest cloud update but have now reinstalled their previous version. You also should know FS hard crashed my system shortly afer that but switching the views too fast probably caused that and it might be a seperate resources issue.I think the rectangle openings might have corresponded to reporting station boundaries. 3D Cloud settings at 85%.Will try same flight with previous FSW textures tonight or so.Thanks greatly for this very nice weather modeling app. It has come a long way keeping up with the changes in FSUIPC and FS8 to 9.

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