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Guest BernBear

Two small flight plan issues, AS 2004.5 build 147

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Guest BernBear

There are two small issues when processing a flight plan through Active Sky 2004.51) When a new flight plan is imported and a different cruise altitude is entered in the cruise altitude field of the flight plan entry window, that cruise altitude seems ignored, e.g.: the FS9 plan has 35,000 ft and I enter 37,000 in the flight plan window of AS, I still get "Average Route winds for 35,000 ft" in the nav log window and the printed nav log. (I realize that winds will be the same from FL 240 up, but the same happens for lower crz alts). Maybe this is only a cosmetic flaw and the correct alt is used for calculating winds, but it would be nice if input and output agreed. :-)2) Only the first flight plan processed after AS is launched has all the names of the en route waypoints listed. Any subsequent plan processed in the same session will have the entries for all waypoints, but no waypoint names except departure and destination. This is true for the nav log window and printout.Other than that, I must say I'm very impressed and satisfied with AS 2004.5, couldn't live without it.Best RegardsMax (Bern, LSZB)http://www.hifisim.com/images/as2004betateam.jpg http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/800driver.jpg

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