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Reposting question for Chris on cloudsets...

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I think Chris may have missed this message below so I am reposting....Chris,After installing and running the program I understand even better, but it leads to one more question.Given the following:1. FS Skyworld contains the default unaltered FS 2004 cloud set.2. It also contains many versions of brand new cloud sets made by Chris that have the same performance that the default FS 2004 clouds do.3. It contain the HIFPS and HIPSv2 sets which are scaled down versions of the DEFAULT FS 2004 cloud sets for better performance.4. FSWHIFPS needs to be downloaded and manually installed and is a scaled down versions of Chris's DEFAULT NEW CLOUDS for FS Skyword for better performance, and installing these overwrites the DEFAULT FS Skyworld Chris's NEW CLOUDS but not the DEFAULT FS 2004 clouds included in the package.Based on this, Chris could a future release of this amazing product not simply include the FSWHIFPS as another option to install along with all the others? Why does one have to give up your default NEW FS Skyworld clouds? If selecting the scaled down versions from the program were possible it would be much easier to compare and choose which of your new clouds works best for an individual computer set up.Thanks for this consideration.Greg

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