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Damian Clark

Updated AS2004.5 Support FAQ

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Hi all!If you have any problems using AS2004.5, please read through this FAQ and search through the forum before posting a new support thread. The answer you need may be here already!The Official ActiveSky2004.5 (AS2004.5) Support FAQUpdated 1/28/2005-Is AS2004.5 compatible with FS2002?No, it is not. AS2004.5 is compatible with FS2004 ONLY, due to the new station-based structure of the AS2004.5 weather engine.--Can I run AS2004.5 on WideFS?Yes, AS2004.5 can run via WideFS on another computer other than your FS computer. The ActiveRadar module, however, must run on the FS system. An ActiveRadar Connector program is made available to point ActiveRadar to your second (AS2004.5) computer and properly read AS2004.5 weather data.--Does AS2004.5 effect performance?AS2004.5 by itself does not generally cause a noticeable performance hit. Certain unavoidable hits, such as doing actual FS weather writes, are intelligently handled via efficient write processes and update suppression to keep stutters away during critical phases of your flight. ActiveRadar, the internal FS module, CAN cause a performance hit depending on your selected radar detail options. ActiveRadar has many detail and performance-related options that can help you fine-tune the best balance of performance and radar resolution for your system. Also note that the more clouds being displayed, the lower performance will be, so we highly recommend using our included

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