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Hi!I'm concidering purchasing this add on to fs, but I still have some questions about the software:After the purchase, the downloaded file is the lateste version available, or is the base one, needing service packs from support?Does A.S come with a custom replacement clouds package or uses the default ones?In the case of replacement clouds, is it better to use 3rd party cloudes like those from FSW?What clouds are recomended by the A.S team for best efect and best performance separatly?I've noticed from the preview pics an option for system or FS time zone:I'm from portugal, my time zone is GMT but I usuly fly domestic into SPAIN wich is GMT+1. I know that NORMALY an hour doesn't make mush diference but what's the MOST realistic setting for this ocasion? Using the system time GMT or FS time GMT+1?Thank you and see you soon

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Hi,Thanks for your interest!1. It would be the latest base install. Then you would install the very latest Update.2. AS uses what ever clouds you have on your system. It does not come with any clouds at this time.3. Yes, we always recommend FSW clouds. We and Chris try to work closely together.4. System time.Hope I got them all!Hope this helps,JimActiveSky Sales and Support

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