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    Vista or XP

    the "stupid" comment was uncalled for...I assume you called the idea of using XP stupid.Regardless, it was MY OPINION, based on MY experience using both OS...To ME, there is no advantage in using VISTA for FS.Having and using both OS, I am aware of the differences, advantages and shortcomings of both, and I don't consider VISTA an obviously superior product all round.
  2. jacsantos

    Vista or XP

    XP...DX 10 is a "non event" in FSX, in terms of REAL mesurable improvement in both apearance and performance.
  3. jacsantos

    COST INDEX survey.....

    about 80 to 99 on the 737
  4. HILARIOUS!one of the funniest videos EVER, keeping it in context!Some of it is true sadly!!great job, great sense of humor! :)
  5. I also have bothe types myself and to be completely honest, for gaming, video and photos, CRT's are better! Not that LCD's are bad, they're just diferent.LCD have a few shortcomings concerning FS and gaming in general:The bigger the LCD the bigger has to be the resolution on the graph card, due to the "native resolution" of LCD, they completely ruin the image quality if set to other resolution than the native one, thus a powerfull graphics card is essential.Due to the way LCD work a true black is impossible, and the color the color redention as weak compared to a CRT!!For reading, surfing the web and other stuff LCD are fine! For us simmers a good CRT is exelent
  6. I recal that prior to the new PMDG menu, the AOA was an on/off option for the PFD, but now in the new stile PMDG menu once we select " no round radio alt" i
  7. I guess I will take the "risk" :-jumpy :-lol
  8. jacsantos

    ITVV Aircraft Videos

    I second one opinion about justflight.JustFlight are pale in comparison! I have SOME justflight DVD's and some more ITVV's, and generaly, justflight are good for scenery tours and landscapes, and ITVV are far more technical regarding the aircraft and systems... I can recomend some good bargans on ebay.
  9. jacsantos

    Beta Testers - takeoff derate question

    what about the simultaneous use of both the derate option and assumed temperature? any use/advantage for such method? Is it possible and used in RW?
  10. jacsantos

    Game or Sim?

    Its neither....Its an expandable interactive multimedia aviation learning centre!!!
  11. No problems here either!my mail is like that one, the sofware HAS NO IMPACT on the system, I have scaned the system for any malware and its clean as it can be, so I don't think it is the MS program fault.
  12. jacsantos

    Feeling of landing in the big lady ( weight) ?

    You guys didnt get it.Gee.OTHER FS PLANES DO THAT!!! IT'S NOT AN IMPOSSIBILITY AND DOES NOT REQUIRE A MOVING PLATFORM OTHER THAN AN ORDINARY CHAIR!!!.It's all about the sense of it VS the flight model limitations and handling characteristics. Its a compromise....And the question is about this suposed compromisse. IE:Will the 747 adhere strictly to published numbers, OR will it within some degree of "inacuracy" allow for some handling goodies/easter eggs.thank you.
  13. Hi!It's all very well explained in the download page of the survey.It will everytime you leave FS ask you if you want to submit the data colected fot that fs session ( or you could leave this in auto, that ALLWAYS submits the results) and after submition you will be asked in an browser window to respont to 4 questions about the session just ended.If you get the browser window, the everything went well.READ THE INFORMATIONS ON THE SURVAY PAGE CAREFULLY IN ORDER TO FOLLOW PROPER PROCEDURES.
  14. jacsantos

    Feeling of landing in the big lady ( weight) ?

    I think I can give you an example: The Harald Nehring A310 when landing has a distict touchdown feeling, not stiff when compared to the vas majority of planes availabe, it settles down nicely when the flare is properly done, it reward our technique... and one can tell during the landing itself and also during the replay of it, it's smooth.... and does not seem to be a bad compormise between actual performace numbers and hadling to me...
  15. jacsantos

    Legit or FS Phishing?

    100% legit. I got it also and it is as advertised.Do yourself and al of simulation comunity and install the software. it has ABSOLUTLY NO impact on the system performance and is 100% SAFE!Please read a topic about this exact subject that is currently being discussed...LINK to topic: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=260151&page=