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  1. Hi,after having installed SP2 I tried to fly from KSFO to PANC but destroyed the plane every time as I had winds of 120 knots shifting by 180
  2. We had a little discussion at http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=31596&page=. Maybe it helps. I personally own a quad core rig, but as currently only two cores will be really supported by FSX, I tend to say that clock speed is still more important than the number of cores.
  3. I think you are right considering AI as the fps killer no 1. In my statements above where I mentioned that AI has not that much of an impact but the terminal buildings I was a bit short minded and forgot that these buildings have "hidden" most of the AI aircraft.Other thing, if I take a look at the task manager I see only one of four cores really used. I read a bit about multicore support (but probably not the whole story) and it seems to me that only texture handling is moved to an additional core if ACES speak of multicore support. Would A/I and weather not be ideal candidates for parallel tasking and so for moving to additional cores? Even the flight logic meaning flight physics and all the gauge computing stuff could be split across multiple cores from a logical point of view.Can anybody tell what is really possible in FSX or is having more than two cores only wasting money?
  4. Hi Rhett,thanks for your response. I played a bit with the sliders and managed to get a minimum of 15 fps even at KLAX. As I tried a lot I can't tell what was it that has increased the FPS. I'm using MyTraffic and have the AI sliders at about 25%. I can't tell exactly how many, but at KLAX there is a large number of AI aircraft. It seems that I need to start some systematic tests. But before this I need to know what all these sliders really mean and what kind of impact will the movement of them generate.
  5. Hi Bert,thanks for the hint, I will give it a try. The thing I still can't understand is even with scenery complexity set to dense (meaning no jetways) I will get only 10 fps on the hardware listed when looking towards (simple) airport buildings. If I stay at the same place but look into a different direction where no airport buildings are visible fps jump to 20+ Also autogen scenery does not seem to have much of an impact nor have a resonable AI setting. Do I really have to live with 10 fps at airports even on the most powerful hardware currently available? From my experience you need 18 fps to have a smooth sim, especially during the approach and landing phase.
  6. Hi Bruce,thanks for your comments. I can't really tell if my installation has worked well before installing Acceleration as I've switched to new hardware and FSX as Acceleration was already available. So I did only a few very short tests with RTM/SP1 before installing Acceleration very soon. I also have already a 700W PSU installed. After reading all the comments I'm tending to think of having a heat problem. I'm searching for the proper temperatur range of the Striker Extreme MB but it's not that easy to find the numbers. One time as I've monitored temps MB temperature has show 45
  7. Hi,I've set up FSX/Acceleration with FSGenesis meshs, MyTraffic, ASX and Level-D 767 on a rather good equipped rig (see below). Basically I'm fairly satisfied with the overal performance. I have locked my frame rate at 18 fps with scenery sliders at about 2/3 and 40% of AI traffic. Everything looks good and runs smooth until I approach a busy and detailed airport (i. e. KLAX). During approach FPS fall to 9-11. At the same time I see a overall CPU load of 35-40% and if I go into the task manager I see that only one core is really used while the other three are near idle. Playing with the sliders shows that the fps depend directly on the scenery densitiy (clouds and AI traffic has no real influence). I've read several sources that Accelleration supports multi core cpu's. Have I made something wrong? Is there a special tweak to dedicate more cores to scenery rendering?Thanks.
  8. Hi,heat may be an issue I'm working on. A virus is unlikely. But I've never experienced that after a lock caused by heat a system resumes operation.Regards, Thomas
  9. Basically it's just as you have described. I'm running only FSX on the computer (in windowed mode). But the locks seem to occur always when doing something. Usually there isn't that much to do during cruise, but I got aware of it when I tried to put something into the FMC. The funny thing is that cpu usage drops down to nearly idle and the HDD light is off. So I have no glue what it is waiting for. Btw. I've used Level-D 767 for all the flights.Regards, Thomas
  10. Hmmm, I don't see any direct connection to the problems described in that thread. I don't get CTD's. FSX simply freezes and I get the vista version of the hourglass -- and after a couple of minutes it resumes running properly. Do you think it has something to do with the forceware drivers? I'm using 163.75, the latest official release, as far as I know.Thanks, Thomas
  11. >Have you installed FSX Acceleration by any chance?Oh, forgot to mention -- yes, I have. Where do you want to point to?Regards, Thomas
  12. Hi,I experienced the problem that FSX locks after a reasonable period of time (between 1.5 and 4 hours) when flying long legs. Task manager says that application is not responding but other running apps didn't show any problem. I was thinking of some kind of a hardware problem all the time. Now, as I sat in front of my froozen FSX again, angry about the time wasted and hardly thinking how to solve a problem that occours sporadically and only after hours all of a sudden FSX came back to live and resumed proper working. I haven't mesured the time exactly, but it was at least 5 minutes after it has stopped responding. I didn't find that out earlier as I had always restarted the sim before.Has anybody else experienced similar behavior and could somebody imagine what the cause for that hibernation could be?Thanks, Thomas***ASUS Striker Extreme / QX6850 / 4 GB PC800 / Nvidia 8800Ultra / Vista Business 64***
  13. Hmm, now I'm getting a bit nervous. I've installed the Nov 2007 DX distribution as well as the newest graphics drivers (it's v7.15 not v6.15 as mentioned in my previous post). FSX is loading now, basically. Graphics are looking blurry and somehow unreal. FPS at default start place with that ultra light is about 35 without having any addon installed (I have a QX6850 with 4 GB PC800, giving a Vista performance rate of 5.5). Full screen mode is not properly working with dual monitors, nor it is in maximized window mode. Any ideas? Thomas
  14. Hi,I've moved to the USB version a year ago or so. I still have my gameport yoke and pedals somewhere. You can get them for nothing but the shipment from Germany (I don't know if its worth, depends on where you are living). Yoke and pedals are in good condition, but the game port version did not have toe breaks at all. Another issue might be that "modern" operating systems may not support the game port accordingly and I don't know if there CH will supply drivers.Regards, Thomas
  15. >Yes it should. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 and have never>seen that error. Something's not right. I just don't know>what it is. Maybe you don't have the right 64 bit drivers>installed for your videocard. Have you allowed all of the>Windows Updates after installation of Vista?Hi Jim,I have installed all available updates the Windows update program have suggested. Surprisingly (for me) there was also an update of the 8800Ultra drivers to version 6.15 (as far as I can remember, I'm currently not in front of my FS computer) among them. I haven't checked the nvidia site if there are other/newer/better drivers but I will do today.Thanks, Thomas.