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  1. Check out the fourth pinned topic on this forum and all the clucking will be made clear.
  2. Give the Transparency Fix from our Free Stuff Pages a try. It might do the trick for you. If not, you'll have to hope someone with Win 10 can give you a clue, since I have neither the OS or a clue!
  3. The long overdue patch for the missing altimeters has been uploaded. Mea culpa. To be perfectly honest, I have been more concerned with my duties as the volunteer webmaster and on-line store admin for the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum than my responsibilities as the sole survivor among the MAAM-SIM team. As many members of this forum will know, the "AWOL Altimeter Bug" was discovered and a solution formulated by savvy customers here quite some time ago. Alas, this was all after the retirement of the MAAM-SIM development team and the release of the final version, v10, of the R4D/DC-3/C-47 package for FSX, so it was never incorporated into the installer. The solution required editing the panel.cfg files of the DC-3 Passenger version and the C-47A Cargo version models from which many of the other aircraft panels are aliased. Only the R4D and those planes using its panel were unaffected. In a nutshell, a missing 1 in the altimeter gauge name in three locations in both defective panel.cfg files caused the altimeters to go missing from the VC and mini-panel of all the affected aircraft. The patch will save you the tedium of hunting down and doing the edits by replacing the two faulty files with fixed ones. Download the patch here: http://www.maam.org/downloads/R4D_FSX_Missing_Alt_Patch.zip Simply unzip, then follow the direction in the included patch_readme.txt NOTE: Customers who purchase and download the FSX R4D/DC-3/C-47 package after May 2, 2016 will find the patch included in their download archive. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and of most of all for supporting the historic aircraft restoration programs of the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum by your purchase.
  4. Hi Rich, no problem. Contact me by e-mail so I have your name and e-addr to look up your orders and rejuvenate the links. maam-sim@maam.org
  5. Hi CJ, I think they changed the Water Rudder command keys from FS9 to FSX. That's what we used to activate the window. I don't have any way of looking it up where I am at the moment with my laptop, but my ancient memory seems to recall it's Shift+W now. You can always look it up in the FS controls menu if that does not do it. Cheers, Bill
  6. Hi CJ, The easy way is for me to give you a DL link to the 7th Edition. Shoot me an e-mail with your particulars so I can look your order up on the store database and I'll get it right off to you. maam-sim@maam.org
  7. No conversion, per se, but if you go to the MAAM-SIM Free Stuff Pages you will find a couple of patch files to allow you to use the Turkey in FSX.
  8. Hi Gary. The short answer is yes. You may need to apply the Transparency Fix from our MAAM-SIM Free Stuff Pages .
  9. That exe file is the aircraft installer. Go ahead and run it to re-install the planes to their original state.