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  1. Hello All, I have run into a small problem when using my Garmin 530 in my Dornier Do228 (FSX). Understandably there seems to be isolated instances of some of the Garmin 530 data now being clearly out of date. For example EGMD (Lydd) now has 2 ILS 'equipped' runways (5 and 23) yet Garmin's 530 RWY 5 has no ILS at all - RWY 23 is OK Excuse my ignorance on the subject but is it possible to update the 530's database ? Or failing that is it possible to swap the 530 for a more up to date GPS ? Of course if neither is possible then it certainly is not the end of the world ! Has anyone any thoughts on this ? Thanks. Mike
  2. Hello All, I have been using Simbrief for a while - no problems. Simbrief has always automatically downloaded Plans into my Aerosoft A320 FMS as a co-route. In my set up the A320 looks for Plans in c:users/username/OneDrive/Documents/Aerosoft/Airbus/FlightPlans. I dont know where this 'address' originates from but it has always worked ! FSX is running on a separate hard drive. I am unsure how 'OneDrive' fits in. Now I am finding the Plans are going into 'downloads' just like any other downloaded files ! Sure I can copy the plan across to where they used to go, I seem to remember Simbrief should download FPs as a .pln BUT it is now downloading as a .flp. Now I really dont know what has happened - have I corrupted Simbrief somehow ? How does the A320 know where to search for FPs ? As it all used to happen seamlessly I am seeking some help. Any help ? Comments etc etc. Thanks, Mike
  3. Thanks Jason, The AivlaSoft EFB software has 2 parts - one part is the 'Server' that acts as an 'intermediary' that sits between the Sim and the second part of the software which is the 'Client'. It is this second part that is where the 'user' does all the planning all the planning plus lots more. There is an option to run the 'Server' and Sim on the same PC [much simpler but really needs 2 monitors] and the Client on 'another' separate PC - which is I want to do. My problem is that AivlaSoft dont really address the networking nuts and bolts of making the separate PC option happen. Thanks anyway, Mike
  4. Hello All, Am unsure whether this is the right (sub) forum – no doubt someone will put me right. I am about to purchase AivlaSoft EFB and need a little advice. Currently I have a desktop running FSX on W10 plus a new laptop also running W10 - both have plenty of grunt and both access the internet through the same router located adjacent to both PCs. As suggested by AivlaSoft I want to run FSX and the EFB Server on the desktop with EFB Client on the Laptop. I am somewhat nervous as I have read many posts suggesting W10 has made even setting up a simple small network somewhat difficult. Being a total newbie to networking I am asking whether has anyone put together a similar set up (or related networking knowledge) and if so can you give me a little advice on how to make it happen, settings etc etc. Thanks, Mike Ody
  5. Dont worry. Have found the answer on another Forum. Mike Ody
  6. Hello All, I have just reinstalled my Do228 but apart from going through the 'Views' menu I cant find an easy shortcut/hot key to access the overhead panel. I managed to solve this issue a long time ago but have forgotten what I must do. Can anyone help please. Thanks, Mike Ody
  7. I have just shut down my Do228 after a flight by holding down using Ctrl+F2. Props take a while to stop rotating [unlike the usual FSX default planes] but that seems to me to be far more realistic anyway. Mike Ody
  8. Am flying the Carenado Do 228 using FSX/W7. There doesnt appear to be a 'shortcut' to quickly access the Do 228 Overhead Panel and as far as I can see I can only access this view by going through the route of Views/View Mode/Cockpit/Overhead Panel - not good if you want to get to this panel reasonably quickly when flying. There is a [CameraDefinition.005] section in the Do 228 aircraft.cfg file which is the Overhead Panel.. Does anyone know how [if ?] I can create a 'shortcut' in the Do 228 that works ? Thanks, Mike Ody
  9. Hello All, Now this may well not be an ORBX issue at all but so far I cant find an answer to this issue. I am running ORBX England and have never experienced any problems - great scenery. However for the first time I have flown my Aerosoft A320 into EGGP RWY 27. All looked good on approach until it became clear that I was coming down about 20m to the right of the RWY. I flew it again this time on RWY09 only to come down 20m to the left of the RWY. If I start a flight from EGGP the aircraft loads perfectly on the centreline. I tried the same flight with the default C172 and again I came down 20m from the RWY. All my AIRACS are up to date and I have run 'makerunways' successfully. Has anyone any idea of what is happpening at my EGGP. Thanks, Mike Ody
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