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  1. Forgive the dumb query, but where to install the Direct X? My last down load file asked me where. I presume that was the wrong file and it should be a double click to install. Got a new file today (id'd the file as an application -"dxwebsetup"). Hope this is the correct one. I also get a second flag pop up after the first FS2AUDIO failed to load error which state "No Audio Device". I presume that will also go away with the updated Direct X properly loaded.
  2. My error. Sorry should have been more specific. Do they require internet connection for both download and CD versions of the product. My PMDG 747-400 (FS9) is CD and direct install without internet connection requirements. I can see the internet connection requirement for a download. I lost some (download) product when Brand "X" went away so I try to buy CD where possible, which is probably one of the reasons why I stay with FS9. All the later stuff seems to be download only anymore.
  3. Presume it was a download product to begin with and not a CD install requiring an internet connection to install? Does PMDG require internet connection for install? I agree, always back up. I had a similar problem with another product, had the backup but still no install. If you buy the extended download, is that sort of "cloud" backup.....its there as long as PMDG exists. DM2 KLAX
  4. Did the PSS Dash 8 Panel merge with the Q400 found elsewhere on this forum. Had to play with the lights and a few other tweaks but works pretty good. My biggest gripe is no side views. Apparently they are buried in the VC of the Q300. Are there any out there or any suggestions as to creating the side views or digging them out of the VC portion? Thanks DM2 KLAX
  5. My current system is an Intel E8500 Processor and a GTX650Ti Boost video card. No overclocking yet but that is planned. FS9 user. I currently have the B747-400 and it seems to run pretty well on my system. FPS limits set @ 25 and with some add on scenery and mid level traffic, I still seem to hold 23-24. I am thinking about getting the MD-11 and was wondering if anyone has both and can offer any comments about the system performance (FPS) with it versus the 747. Any input would be appreciated. DM2 klax
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