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  1. cuconegron

    Question about Saitek X-55 throttle

    Thanks for your quick reply, EuroTruckGuy. So, do I se lect the engines 1&2 for throttle 1 and 3&4 for number 2? What axis will I have to use?? Cuco
  2. Hi, I'm using a Saitek X-55 throttle, is there any way to configure it to use the B747? Any help with this will be appreciated!! Cuco
  3. That did it, Bill, thanks a whole bunch!!! Cuco San Juan, PR
  4. Hi, guys, finaly decided to reinstal the C47 in FSX with Windows10. Installed fine, runs and sounds great but the winshield is not transparent, can't see outside. Anubody can suggest a fix for this problem? Any help with this problem will be appreciated. Cuco San Juan, PR
  5. cuconegron

    SimBrief - Advanced Flight Planning

    Spectacularly awesome!!!!! Many thanks to the developers/owners of this SimBrief program/site. Kudos, Cuco San Juan, PR
  6. cuconegron

    NGX: Cold & Dark to Shutdown Checklist

    Awesome, Tom, thank you...
  7. cuconegron

    PMDG 737NGX Flow Checklist

    Awesome, Michael, thank you. Cuco