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  1. There is a checklist in the QRH for this, starting on page 2.2. The first actions are to verify that both bleeds are on and both pack switches are in auto.
  2. The UNABLE 250 KTS AT CLE-34 is because you are crossing that point at 10,000 feet, and by default there is a 240 kts speed restriction at or below 10,000. Delete the speed at CLE-34, or remove the restriction from the DES page. Not sure where D222K is, so that one I cannot explain. Might be a ripple effect from the speed problem.
  3. I don't know - there are some convincing arguments in this thread that it might be real-world behavior: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/347187-c337-autopilot-problem (see posts #4 and #8). Personally I'm going to assume this is correctly modeled, until someone with actual experience with the real world AP says otherwise.
  4. Yep - same thing with Aivlasoft EFB, the charts it generates will always have frequencies that work with your scenery.
  5. They appear to be saved in the FSX\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\PanelState folder.
  6. Thanks for this mod, Jim! / Tom
  7. Exactly - don't arm the speedbrake for takeoff in the NGX.
  8. Would be nice, but there is no such addon (that I'm aware of). FSUIPC can do automatic saves, but only the same variables that FSX saves when you use "save flight".Some addons (the PMDG 747 among them, I believe) lets you save the panel state separately, but how well it works when you want to reload it in mid-air I don't know.
  9. I've been beta testing this new addition to the FS2Crew family over the past few weeks, and I can honestly say that I've had a blast with it. As Kurt points out, Bryan has managed to make the interaction with your first officer and cabin crew completely believable using just two keyboard keys (or joystick buttons) - no small feat.Out of all the FS2Crew releases I have used so far, this one has the best user interface, presenting a lot of features and options in a way that make them very easy to understand and use. While reading the manual is still highly recommended - there are a few setup steps and tips that you do not want to miss - you can expect a very quick learning curve with this product. For those who are, for whatever reason, hesitant to use the voice control version, this package offers a very capable and enjoyable alternative!
  10. Congrats, Bryan - well deserved, it is an excellent addon. I can't imagine flying the Jetstream without it.
  11. Yep, that's true for a lot of things :( Thanks for your suggestion, I'll give it a try.
  12. It seems this is by design. I wrote them, but they responded this is how the lights on the real aircraft are.
  13. The night lighting in the Skywagon is quite nice, but a couple bulbs need a change:The ADF is perhaps an old instrument without lighting, but the attitude indicator and the clock should be lit. Is this something that can be patched?
  14. I have the ERJv2 on Win7 and I have no performance issues.
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