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  1. trisager

    NGX: Cold & Dark to Shutdown Checklist

    ... just a gentle nudge to make this topic appear above the older one that has outdated information.
  2. trisager

    NGX: Cold & Dark to Shutdown Checklist

    Thank you for all the kind comments, I really appreciate it. There have been over 700 downloads from the Avsim file library and Megaupload combined in less than 24 hours, so I think the time invested in this has been well spent (and it has been a great learning experience).
  3. This is the completed version of the NGX tutorial. It takes you from entering a cold & dark cockpit at KIAH and all the way to the gate at KLAX with the airplane shut down and ready for the next sector. The intended audience ranges from those that are completely new to Boeing-type addons in FSX, to those who know how to get in the air and land, but would like a more solid understanding of the airplane and its systems. Compared to the excellent and extensive documentation that comes with the NGX, the main difference is that this tutorial is designed to be read sequentially rather than to be used as a reference. Due to bandwidth limitations with my hosting provider, I have uploaded this version to the Avsim file library (in the Flight Simulator X - Miscellaneous files section). Search for "". The download file contains versions formatted for both A4 and Letter paper. (If you prefer a direct link and don't mind all the advertisements, you can also download it here: Feedback and comments are most welcome, as always. I plan to make a final update to the document sometime after PMDG releases SP1 for the NGX. Enjoy!
  4. trisager

    Air Condition "Auto Fail"

    There is a checklist in the QRH for this, starting on page 2.2. The first actions are to verify that both bleeds are on and both pack switches are in auto.
  5. trisager

    FS a terrorist tool...

    Give it a rest, guys. That article was written two days after the attacks. I'm sure a lot of actions were taken in those days that were not that well considered.
  6. trisager

    FMC: No descent path after ....

    The UNABLE 250 KTS AT CLE-34 is because you are crossing that point at 10,000 feet, and by default there is a 240 kts speed restriction at or below 10,000. Delete the speed at CLE-34, or remove the restriction from the DES page. Not sure where D222K is, so that one I cannot explain. Might be a ripple effect from the speed problem.
  7. trisager

    Autopilot issues

    I don't know - there are some convincing arguments in this thread that it might be real-world behavior: (see posts #4 and #8). Personally I'm going to assume this is correctly modeled, until someone with actual experience with the real world AP says otherwise.
  8. trisager

    Navdata out of date FMC Fix

    The navdata updates also include terminal procedures. The main advantage of updating is that you can download and use real-world charts and routes and expect the FMC to have the correct information. I don't normally update every 28 days, maybe 4-5 times a year.
  9. trisager

    Navdata out of date FMC Fix

    If the navdata is out of date on the real airplane you get a warning. That is what PMDG has simulated.
  10. trisager

    Airport Gate Database

    Yes. As far as I can tell there are no gate coordinates for KORD - at least not in cycle 1109.
  11. trisager

    ILS frequencies in FMC not correct

    Yep - same thing with Aivlasoft EFB, the charts it generates will always have frequencies that work with your scenery.
  12. trisager

    Deleting saved files

    They appear to be saved in the FSX\PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX\PanelState folder.
  13. trisager

    Night lighting

    Thanks for this mod, Jim! / Tom
  14. trisager

    wind noise volume adjust?

    Set the sound levels in FSX to 50%, then adjust individual sounds from the FMC: MENU > PMDG SETUP > OPTIONS > SOUND > VOLUME LEVELS
  15. trisager

    Alarm on Takeoff

    Exactly - don't arm the speedbrake for takeoff in the NGX.