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  1. Exactly - don't arm the speedbrake for takeoff in the NGX.
  2. Would be nice, but there is no such addon (that I'm aware of). FSUIPC can do automatic saves, but only the same variables that FSX saves when you use "save flight".Some addons (the PMDG 747 among them, I believe) lets you save the panel state separately, but how well it works when you want to reload it in mid-air I don't know.
  3. I've been beta testing this new addition to the FS2Crew family over the past few weeks, and I can honestly say that I've had a blast with it. As Kurt points out, Bryan has managed to make the interaction with your first officer and cabin crew completely believable using just two keyboard keys (or joystick buttons) - no small feat.Out of all the FS2Crew releases I have used so far, this one has the best user interface, presenting a lot of features and options in a way that make them very easy to understand and use. While reading the manual is still highly recommended - there are a few setup steps and tips that you do not want to miss - you can expect a very quick learning curve with this product. For those who are, for whatever reason, hesitant to use the voice control version, this package offers a very capable and enjoyable alternative!
  4. Congrats, Bryan - well deserved, it is an excellent addon. I can't imagine flying the Jetstream without it.
  5. I have the ERJv2 on Win7 and I have no performance issues.
  6. This seems to work well. It would be nice to know what the fix actually does, though :)
  7. Thanks for this fix - seems to work fine on Vista 32, DX9.One thing I noticed is that my GT8000 graphics card is pushed much harder than before - the core temperature goes higher and the tiny fan has to work *much* harder now when looking at clouds.Tom
  8. Thanks, Patrick - that did it.I forgot to run the Simconnect.msi after the first install, but after installing SDK SP1A and installing the client everything is fine anyway.Like you I'll leave well enough alone at SP1A :)Tom
  9. Hi again,The FSPath and AppDataPath entries were in the registry and correct. I've added the LastPlanPath key (which did not exist), but unfortunately this didn't solve the problem.Tom
  10. Hi,I have installed and run ASX on the computer where FSX is installed without any problems. FSX and FSX SDK are updated to SP2.I am now trying to install ASX in a networked configuration. I've followed your instructions in the documentation and tested the connection successfully using AI Traffic.exe. I am getting multiple "AI object added" and "AI object removed" messages so communication seems to be happening.But whenever I try to start ASX on the client, I get the "Simconnect SP1 managed version was not found to be correctly installed ..." message. I have done several uninstalls / reinstalls of the simconnect client, but the problem persists. Unloading anti-virus software (AVG free edition) and disabling the Windows firewall does not have any effect..NET 2.0 may not have been installed on the client computer initially, so I tried uninstalling the Simconnect client, installing .NET 2.0 SP1 and reinstalling Simconnect. This did not solve the problem.Any suggestions what I should try next? I did not uninstall/reinstall FSX SP1 and SP2 on the server side since ASX works fine in a local install.Thanks,Tom
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