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  1. Gents, I can confirm this issue. Recall results in a persistent Fuel and Anti-Ice warning. I have tested in both the short turn and cold states. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice as prescribed in the pinned post. The problem remains. JW
  2. Likely due to the "peak time" issue. Try again in a bit.JW
  3. Andy,When you call Dell support about a simple computer problem they often begin by asking several questions that really make a fella feel like a complete idiot... "is the device pluggged in?" kind of stuff.At any rate, I'm going to ask a few of those questions...1. When using the RAD/NAV page, are you inserting the ILS frequency into the correct line? This is the section that reads "Park".2. Are you adjusting the ND to ILS?3. Have you tried to reproduce this on several different approaches? Sometimes the ILS frequency differs in FS9 when compared to real world charts.Please feel free to ignore my questions if they are things you have already considered:)Regards, Jeff
  4. Scott,I have no doubt you mean well. Frequently I come across posts in which forum members ask questions that have previously been answered or are covered in the software manual.I try to do one of two things: bite my tongue or answer the question to the best of my ability. I understand that many forum members do not properly research their questions before asking. I also understand that some folks simply do not understand the manuals and or posts regarding the problems they have.Please understand that your comments and the help you provide frequently play an important role in the overall experience of the consumer. These forums are a great place for folks to get answers to their technical questions. That is, of course, the purpose of support forums. Had I not been a long-time customer of PSS, my recent experience in these forums might well lead me to another software company. I am currently in the market for a B777. I flew the PSS B777 for FS2002 for several years. However, as you likely know, there are several triple 7's currently on the market. Again, if I was not convinced of the quality of those products produced by PSS I might well look to one of their competitors following my recent forum experience.Why is this important to you? Supply and demand. PSS surely will not continue to develop quality software if their customers begin to purchase from other developers. If you truly support and enjoy PSS products I would suggest that you take a moment of pause before answering technical questions in the support forums.Food for thought.Regards, JW
  5. John,I'm not quite sure. I seem to enjoy a quick (4-5 hour) reformat and subsequent install of all my FS9 software on a weekly basis. When things are running well... that's why I do it. In that respect it is not much different than golf.JW
  6. Roy,Very nice Christmas present indeed.You must assign keystrokes for the 747 doors. Have a look here: http://ops.precisionmanuals.com/wiki/PMDG_747-400_FAQ. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a brief tutorial under the GENERAL USE section.With regards to the traffic display... take a look at your Navigation Display (ND). This is the CRT located second from the left. Above this unit you will see several knobs and buttons. The left knob allows you to cycle between views on the ND: APP, VOR, MAP, and PLN. You should select MAP in order to view traffic. The right knob allows you to cycle between distances in the MAP view: 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, and 640. Typical setting for departure is 40nm. These knobs have two options. You can adjust left and right, or click the center of the knob.To view traffic simply click the center of the distance knob- it reads TFC. Remember, your transponder must be on first.Hope this helps- have fun!JW
  7. John,Thanks you for the post. It is my hope that PSS will reply with an update on their progress regarding those issues described in previous threads. There seems to be a large list of bugs and minor ailments as mentioned in the initial thread. I would very much like to get an update on their progress.I have managed to solve one of the battery problems, whereas there was no power being supplied to the radios until after the engines had been started. By following the advice in previous threads I was able to create a flight beginning with the FS9 default start-up. I am now able to power up the radios during the start-up sequence.The CDU still tends to be a bit slugish, and frequently requires multiple "clicks" to change the curren page.JW
  8. Scott,Perhaps you did not understand my previous post. I am simply looking for an update as to the plan or progress regarding a fix for these and other issues. The term "update" in this context does not refer to an executable file.I am certain folks appreciate your empowering them to enjoy the Christmas break; I am equally certain that an inquiry regarding the progress of this and similar issues is very much appropriate.This is a support forum: The Phoenix (PSS) Support Forum/The Boeing Forum. Please feel free to refrain from posting opinions or blurbs which do not effect a solution to the issues of this post. JW
  9. Greetings PSS!I can't wait to get behind the 757! I have purchased the 757, along with most of your aircraft, although I am waiting to opreate this aircraft until the CDU/FMC and battery issues are solved. These are problems that previous PSS aircraft do not have (Airbus, Dash, and the 2002 products).I'm really just looking for an update.Cheers, Jeff
  10. Bryan,The problem is... it only happens when using the FS2Crew panel as modified for use with the LevelD 763. Whe I remove Fs2Crew the problem is gone. I'm not quite sure- as I have used FS2Crew with the LevelD in the past and had no problems.I am currently in the process of a complete reformat. I hope using FS2Crew with the LevelD and other essential products will still be possible.I wonder if it has somehting to do with the update- as the last time I used FS2Crew it was flawless.JW
  11. Hello again,I just found out that the same thing happens when I use FSPassengers. Whe I open the status window CTRL+SHIFT+V, my cockpit screen gets all messed up.Anybody else have this problem?JW
  12. Bryan,Thanks for the response. The weather radar I am refering to is built-in to ActiveSky. I have not made any alterations. In fact, I removed both FS2Crew and ActiveSky this morning and then did the whole reinstall. Still no luck. When I open the AS weather radar my LevelD panel gets all messed up. Again, when I close it all is back to normal.Today I was at FL330 enroute to Barcelona when I hit CTRL+F12 to open the AS weather radar... the radar opened fine, but my screen took me back to the gate at Heathrow! When I closed the radar all was back to normal.No idea...Regards, Jeff
  13. Greetings,I recently began using FS2Crew with the LevelD 763 and ActiveSky6. It seems that when I open the weather radar my 763 panel view gets messed up. The problem is quickly fixed when I close the weather radar. I have tried to revert back to the default 763 panel (no FS2Crew), and do not experience this problem. It seems to have something to do with the changes made to the default 763 panel.Any ideas?Cheers, Jeff
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