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  1. The DC6 looks like its going to be a tour de force for PMDG, but I have to admit I do feel quite ambivalent about the plane itself. I think this is because I am not a fan of the old turbos, I suspect I will get it as Iwill probably do a review, I just cant get excited about it. Wycliffe
  2. Sorry guys but you are missing the point, Facebook is valid method of communication whether it be to a like minded community or distant family members. It's immediate and accessible. To dismiss it out of hand is narrow minded and blinkered in my humble opinion. Further to suggest people of a certain age have no interest in social media is offensive.
  3. Artur i am deeply offended by your comment. I am 62 yrs old I have a facebook account, twitter feed, Instagram and a youtube channel. My Facebook group is one of the premier facebook groups dedicated to Xplane and my Youtube channel continues to grow with new subs each day. I use Periscope and Whats app. Your Comment suggests that over 40s are not tech savvy and have no interest in the multimedia experience. For those who do not embrace the world of multimedia I'm sorry to say but you are luddites, on the other hand any technology sufficiently advanced enough for others not to understand it, might consider it to be nothing more than magic. Wycliffe Barrett @wycliffe Thats about as much as you get
  4. This thread was posted to me this morning and I thought having read it how good it is. I have been using xplane 10 since 2012. I knew from the first flight that it was going to be the best simulation platform on the market. I like countless others had spent a small fortune on FSX, but found myself spending more time fixing, fiddling, tweaking than flying. It was time for it to go, I have never looked back. I had managed to make a name for myself in the flight sim community just by being a good egg, controlling on VATSIM and helping peopple with what little knowledge i had about FSX that I could. I have since converting to xplane become a scenery developer, a well respected beta tester in the xplane world, I have met with some of the most respected developers in the xplane world and created Xplane Dedicated. A facebook group, a youtube channel, a live broadcast channel on twitch TV and a scenery development group called XPDDG. All i ask of anyone that joins is that they follow the simple rules. I have built a community that will never call anyone stupid, will not shout at anyone and only has family friendly language. I have only banned 8 members for breaking these rules, I think that is a good record. I have done all this just to promote xplane. I recieve no monies for anything I do. It's really quite simple. The releases pending in the next couple of months will blow everything that is available on the other platform clean out of the water, but that said, as I always say if your happy with your sim of choice an it works for you then just keep flying. I dont really care what others fly, I'm just happy that I saw sense and now can fly trouble free. All the best Wycliffe Barrett
  5. morganbass

    Camera Views

    just create some views with ctrl + numpad key, then you hit the numpad key of your choice to go to the allocated view. Wycliffe
  6. I'm amazed at the negativity towards VATSIM. I have been a member since 2004, not once have I been suspended for 24 hrs or otherwise. I voice my opinion on the VATSIM forums both and VATSIM UK. I might have had one or two posts moderated because they break T&C's but hey that's ok.When I became a member of I agreed to the code of conduct and the CoR by the simple act of completing the membership routine and aquiring a CID and password. I felt it was my resposnibility to read the CoC and CoR, I believe I am a good VATSIM citizen, VATSIM is a learning environment and would be well to remember that. An organisation with 200,000 members needs policing, at onetime I was the DCRM UK (Divisional Conflict Resolution Manager) the two years I spent in that role I was constantly amazed and the stupidity of some of our members, some cases simply beggered belief.The OP had a rough deal in my personal view I have laways believed in flexibility as a controller on VATSIM, real world has a nasty habit of impacting on the virtual world and unless someone is heading towards another aircraft or slewing about the airfield making a nuisance of themselves it takes an awful lot for me to contact a supervisor.I'm sorry that you no longer feel impressed with VATSIM, but I'm sure if you carry on you will once again soon fall back in love with us. That said there are other networks that you can try as I have, but I will never leave VATSIM. Wycliffe Barrett VATUK3 Membership Manager
  7. morganbass

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Downloading now and have checked all my versions which are the correct 3118 ones.Lets see how it all goes.Both installed no problem. Time to fly.Wycliffe
  8. By the look of it you need Input Director, then you can use two or more computers with one mouse and one keyboard.www.inputdirector.comWycliffe
  9. morganbass

    Aircraft won't accelerate during initial climb

    Why oh why have you got FSUIPC messing with your aircraft. I have the basic installation of FSUIPC and I have never touched it. Sounds like the aircraft is just flying the sid normally to me, what happens when you go above fl100?Wycliffe
  10. Cant find pic of just the PC's but ihave two under the desk one running the central widescreen and left hand monitor and the other PC running the righthand monitor both machines are networked and I run the network with one mouse and one key using Input director. Wycliffe
  11. morganbass

    AivlaSoft EFB

    had the trial version for 10 days then bought the full version. This si without doubt one of the best addons I have spent money on. never fly without it. My cockpit is now a totally paperless environment. My setup is two pc's networked and three monitors. flight sim on two monitors and EFB on the third. A dream setup. If I need anything off the net I use my laptop. Wycliffe p.s. I am now a beta tester for EFB.