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Found 16 results

  1. EDDS Stuttgart Airport will release tomorrow (Monday) on RDPresets website, Contrail, Simmarket and Flightsim.to. An in-game Marketplace release will hopefully happen a week later.
  2. FSDreamTeam have released preview images of their upcoming Chicago O'Hare scenery for Prepar3D v4. In a post on their Facebook page, the images show detailed modelling of the gate areas, control tower and other 3D objects. No timeframe for the release has yet been provided publicly.
  3. I found it Peeps! hope you like it! http://www.twitch.tv/nokimen/b/439812625
  4. So, RSR has stated that the last thing he thinks we want is a video, because it will take away precious time from development and "internal testing." So, we've seen photos of both the inside and the outside, but we don't know what it even sounds like! Most, if not all of us would want to know. I don't know a ton about it, but it can't be that hard! Record the sound, and upload it. Unfortunately, some sound quality will be lost in uploading, it always ends up like that, I'm not sure why. But, most of us here want to hear the sound of the soon-to-be-released PMDG 777X! ~Thanks for your consideration. This product will be amazing on release! :wub:
  5. ProSim's 737 is to receive a new visual model for Prepar3D version 4.2. Scheduled for release on May 1st, the new model will contain 113,000 polygons -- though the developers claim it will not take any more system resources than 'similar flightsim solutions'. Seven liveries will be included in the initial release, along with dynamic lights, wing flex and highly-detailed animations. ProSim 737 is a suite of software modules aimed primarily at cockpit building enthusiasts. The new visual model will be available for Prepar3D v4.2 only.
  6. Hi, I recently unchecked the DX-10 preview box in FSX (back to dx-9) so I could use Enbseries again. Soon after I realized that I really really wanted DX-10 back. I was about to check the DX-10 preview box again when I noticed there was no box for it anymore. I am wondering if there is any way to get DX-10 back in FSX after the box is unchecked?
  7. NE California officially announced http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=81494 MSX SoCal under NE California Dawn Day Dusk Night With Objects
  8. Guys... During the writing of one of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling made an alias account and logged onto a predictions/expectations forum and tossed around some of her ideas for the book. Many of them were shot down and rejected. Here's what I'm puzzling on... Imagine if some dev team member made a second account as somebody like xxjoshamxX (not a real person, made up), and was galavanting around the forums making perfectly accurate predictions and release date predictions. WE WOULDN'T EVEN KNOW.
  9. Hi all, On all other AVSIM forums, hovering your mouse over the thread title brings up a popup window with the first post, first unread post, and last post in it. This works fine and is very handy. But in the FS2004 forum, when I do that on the first page of the forum, an empty box appears and then quickly disappears, leaving just the top edge graphic visible: This is not true on the second and later pages of the forum, only on the first page. I am using FireFox version 16.02, but it has been this way for several versions now. Is there any way this can be fixed? Thanks,
  10. Captains! One of my favourite things about getting to grips with the PMDG 777 is not just that you learn how to operate a new machine in the ‘day-to-day’ sense, but that there are wonderfully complex systems beneath the surface, designed for those ‘one-in-a-million’ events most of us will never encounter. I’ve fast learned that the 777 handles uneventful flights, well, uneventfully. Don’t get me wrong, this plane is an absolute joy to operate, from start to finish, but those of you who have cut their teeth on the NGX will find yourselves surprised at how many processes and actions the 777 actually does for you “behind the scenes”. I still find myself looking up at the overhead panel after start, thinking “I must have forgotten to do something here” but in fact, nope, it’s all been taken care of! Electrics, bleed air, many systems are configured as required. The checklists are elegant, and very easy to accomplish using the ECL (Electronic CheckList). Checklists associated with critical phases of flight are minimalist and/or the items on that list are largely automatically checked off so a simple glance will confirm that you’re configured for that phase. This is really helpful in the single pilot environment that is FSX. Where things get really interesting, though, is during abnormal situations. That’s where the smarts of the 777 really show, and that’s what I want to cover in the rest of this post. DISCLAIMER: I am not versed in any of the memory items or operating procedures of the 777 with regards to the following failure. Please don’t post telling me that I did a, b or c wrong. What I’m trying to demonstrate here is how a pilot with limited procedural understanding gets assisted by the system when a major failure occurs. -------------- So. I’m in the cruise from Barcelona (LEBL) to Lisbon (LPPT), minding my own business when this pops up. Hmmm. OK. Let’s look at the HYD page. Oookaaaaayyyy, and it’s decreasing. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a leak! Once the Hydraulic reservoir quantity falls below a certain level, the pumps can no longer maintain the 3000psi and so the entire centre system drops off line. OK. Let’s work the checklist. We set the ADP 1 to ON, and obviously we know that the answer to the checklist condition is “no”. So let’s select that option. Note the checklist now reads as complete, as I've already configured the overhead by the time I took this image, but we still have a page (or two) of information to look at. Hmm, OK so we have a fair few systems knocked offline here. No auto speedbrake/spoilers, and we’ll be using ALTN gear and flaps, limiting our landing config to flap 20 for the reasons stated in the ECL notes. Not a life threatening emergency, but a few of those systems that we take for granted have “gone INOP” this evening. Oh, and check out that flight controls page... Note that despite all of this, the aircraft is happily cruising along, as if it hadn’t a care in the world. This is good, as it allows us in this single pilot environment to “work the problem” and strategise. As the ECL has told me I need to allow more time for flap and gear deployment, I’ll set up a hold at ADSAD and configure during the hold. That way I can take as long as I need to set up before I exit and commence the approach. Right that does the trick there. Now, we’re coming up on TOD, so let’s follow our normal procedures here. The descent is unremarkable from here, we get ATC clearance to hold at ADSAD not below 4000ft, so we set 4000ft on the MCP, and head on down. Once we’re in the hold, VNAV has slowed us down to 240knots so we can get on with flap extension. We arm the ALTN flap system and review the checklist page. It doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know from our earlier review of the notes, so we’re good to go. Rotate the ALTN flap selector to EXT and the flaps SLOWLY start to extend to 20. This reflects the nature of the real 777, where the alternate system drives the flaps electrically, rather than hydraulically. Here I’ve gone into VS and MCP SPD modes to slow down, while leaving LNAV to fly us around the hold. By the time we turn inbound to ADSAD the flaps are at 20 degrees. Not long after leaving the hold, we lower the gear. With three greens, and flaps set to 20 I have brought the speed back and armed the approach. We’re good to continue! Note as we conduct the landing checklist, I skip the Speedbrake using the ITEM OVRD option on the ECL. You’ll recall that the use of the auto speedbrake was prevented, as per the notes. We’ll manually deploy that on the ground. From here, the last few minutes of the flight is fairly unremarkable. I ease it on, deploy speed brakes and apply manual braking to roll out. Piece of cake! So there you have it. A reasonably ‘serious’ failure, but one that is entirely manageable thanks to the robust system redundancy on the 777 and the fantastic resource that is the ECL. I might add that there are dozens of pages of checklists to help you through almost every type of failure that a real 777 could encounter. PMDG have nailed this aspect of the airplane, and I can't stress just how useful it is! As for me? I have a tonne of paperwork to do now. Rob is a mean chief pilot when it comes to incident reports… Cheers
  11. Here are some first PREVIEW screenshots (mostly from the European Alps) of my upcoming new X-Plane 10 HD Scenery Mesh v2! https://picasaweb.google.com/101666907909842492197/XPlane10HDMeshV2PREVIEW (it seems Picasa has somehow blown up the saturation of the images ... don't know why) A short list of the improvements: increased mesh density improved forest representation (in Europe, reprocessed/improved raw forest landclass data) all new OSM data (streets, railways, power lines, water) linear OSM rivers included (Tag:waterway=river) some - minor - landclass tweaking (like strip mines or riverbeds etc.). Planned coverage: Europe (this time, entire Europe) USA (complete) Alaska possibly parts of Canada (like the West) ... etc. (depends on the data size ... but this time the single DSFs will be even larger, so ...) Release? Hopefully this summer (most of the things are already in place, but there are a few things - partly not in my hand - which need to happen before).
  12. The first PMDG 777 preview video! credit to frooglesim [link removed by Chase] Link was to a private video -- later in the thread pinlifter identified this as the video: http://www.twitch.tv/nokimen/b/439812625 -Chase
  13. Hello fellas, After a recent debacle about facebook (which I kindly like to ask you all not to continue here), I have decided to consolidate all preview pictures here, in this thread, for future reference. I will update this as new previews come out. As I am a relatively new member, I hope I am not breaking any forum rules by posting these pictures here. Onward to the pictures! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHANGELOG/UPDATES: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LIVERY PREVIEWS: Air Canada: FedEx: Delta: AeroLogic: Air India: Korean Air Cargo: Emirates #1: Emirates #2: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTERNAL MODEL PREVIEWS: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FLIGHTDECK PREVIEWS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Hi, sorry for my bad english. Today, trying to tweak my FSX again, i set some configs on Nvidia inspector and also in my CFG. I have never used DX10 Before. I try using an cfg that i found on internet to see if that give me some extras fps, but no, so i delete it. This CFG had the DX10 active. Next to that, i try to build a new cfg. When FSX started, the screen when the aircraft preview were was black. I tried everithing, deleting my cfg, deleting the Shaders, the Nvidia inspector config, etc. But nothing worked. I'M DESPERATE! For me, unistalling everything and reinstalling isnt an option. I have a lot of freeware and payware addons, so, that would be VERY hard and tedious. PLEASE HELP!!
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