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  1. I haven't done any tweaks to my cfg file yet. What are bios? -Gtristain
  2. Hi, Immediately after takeoff, landing or a view change (by pressing "s") my FPS plummets from being very smooth to horribly choppy, I have re installed Prepar3d (v3) twice and have had the same issue both times. Here is a video showing an example of the bug just after a view change. I have also included my Prepar3d graphical settings, scenery settings and lighting settings in links to images below. The only way to fix this issue for me is to either restart Prepar3d, or reload the scenery (as I do in the end of the video by tabbing out) Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Graphical settings: Lighting settings: Scenery settings: PC specs: Video:
  3. Thanks to all! Using all these answers I managed to fly & land without the tilting! (Issue resolved!) (issue was infact the weight of the fuel)
  4. Okay, I will try flying the same route with 50% fuel in each tank in a bit here, thanks. -GT
  5. Ok thanks, what do you suggest I put my weight at for takeoff in order to prevent this from happening again? -GT
  6. It's a 20 minute flight across the Andes mountains from El Plumerillo Airport, Argentina to Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, Chile. So the fuel quantity is still probably very high during landing. I can get an exact fuel quantity if you really need it by reflying the flight. (And yes, those are the takeoff stats.) (this still happened on a four hour flight) (I cannot remember how severe it was, though.) -GT
  7. Thank you for all the responses, here are all the stats: -Runway length I am landing at: 12303 FT by 148 FT (SCEL) -I land at full flaps (usually) (It does the same thing even without flap up/down just a minor minor decrease in tilt) -I do not usually use speed breaks in air unless I really am going too fast, even so only about 10%-20% of it (in air) -Landing gear is lowered a bit after I have visual of the airport. -I do not use ATC because of it being a bit too complicated atm (but if it's essential I will learn it) -I'm using the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System -When I do a complete manual approach I also have to remain tilted up to keep altitude at a decent rate (If I tilt down it looses a ton of altitude and almost crashes) Empty weight: 85710 Pounds Payload: 22850 Pounds Fuel: 6830.35 Gallons Gross weight: 154323 Pounds Max gross weight: 155500 Pounds Max allowable fuel: 6875.00 Gallons Center of gravity is in the cockpit area of the aircraft (in picture displayed) -GT
  8. When my default 737-800 is on approach it tilts up a TON, so much so that I cannot even see the runway below me. This tilting up eventually turns into an uncontrolled stall smashing me into the ground. This only happens when I am flying level. Not when I am descending or ascending. (It remains titled even when flying level) (Manual landing) -speed is set at 155 knots (autothrottle & speed hold on) -altitude is set to 2000-2500ish (the airport is at 1555 ft) -All autopilot items disengaged on minimums for flare. Any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated! -GT