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  1. Hello ,I am Herk Costumer , too. I think the most part off Performanceis set to your Rig!And i am talking here about FSX.I am shure if u using any dual or quad core Intel systemyou quit lucky with it.I using a Intel Quad core system and the Performance is outstanding with the Herk C130.All ( gauges and frame rates ) are smoth as silk and from this pointIMO one off the best Add On`s for FSX.Another part at this time are the Querys with the Blue Screenand the function from some Gauges but i am shure they will get salutions after next SP`s.And the prop with the Blue Screen and Creative is from CS indicated here:http://www.captainsim.net/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1202249258regardsMario G
  2. Hello ,are the costumers now able to make a APLNAV /VNAV flight and a Autoland with the FSX Bird ??I had older Versions for FS2004 with no proper working AP specs.Didn
  3. Hello all ,planning to order PMDG FS2Crew FSXfor my copy off PMDG X.I have a pretty fast PC now.But still the PMDG X Pack is a little hard on framesespecially on ground ( all known )But if i put FS2Crew in it is it killing more the performancefrom the PMDG X 747 Add On ??PS: Does the FO use the Flaps , Gear ect. Parts as wellon it`s own ??regardsMario G
  4. Hello ,just to say - great workDid some compares from your Paintpic betwen Pics from the real onoutstanding............keep it up !!regardsMario G
  5. Hi ,you better not go to mutch for such articles/reviews.Test your own is the best way.......( i know this is mostly the problem )This is difficult to answer because every individualhas is own point off view.Loud.....this is part off your choice on how many PC Fansyou want to use.No noise....i wouldnt say no; but is the noisest system i ever hadand i had a lot off them over the last 20 years !!For sure you can bring this Rig to his knees with setting all to maxwithin FSX ( but that isn`t needed ) but just to say i love my Rig best ever had ,stable and no problems at all.I went over to Intel with this Rig last year.My other ones , allmost all off them`s are AMD stoff.Still have an old Intel 800 er with SCSI stoff in it.And after that i think i never switch back to a AMD.Hope this helps....regardsGr
  6. Hello ,now this seems as a "never ending discussion"about that but let me tell you a story..........The last 4-5 years i used a Athlon 2,8 gigfor my FS9 ( Was pretty fine for that IMO )Than FSX came out and.... no chance to use FSX with that kind off CPU.So i`d made my new rig my own , means ordered my wanted hardware parts ( in short: Asus P5D ,Intel 6600 Quad Core , Nvidia 8800GTX 620 Watt PS ,4x1 gig off Ram ,2x400 gig Harddrives ect.)And i am realy lucky with that: I am not on FS9 anymore over a year now because FSX is future ( it looks mutch better IMO and love all the newly gimmicks over FS9 )All works great for me using FSX in Winxp 32 and Vista 32.I know the 4x1 gig Ram are not adressed in 32 bit systemsbut i am using now the dual channel mode and 3 gig ramreather than 2 gig ram.I can feel the little performnce boost in Vista /FSX because i had 2 gig ram before used in non dual channel mode .So to say it in short words: IMO the best choice at the momentis a Intel Quad or Dual Plattform with a 8800 Nvidia Grapic Card( i can not speak for a AMD Core anymore because i never testedthe newer AMD Generation off CPU`s with Vista /FSX )You can see this trend allmost in all forums for hardwareDisscusions and that mutch people can`t be wrong.........or !???And IMO i think you can use this hardware config for the next coming years and therfore you lucky with FSX.OK thats my story for that....regardsMario G
  7. Hay ,is this a FSX Version........means is that Updatedto work in FSX ???Just a bit curios......regardsMario G
  8. Hello all , :-)back after 2 days off; to clean my head.Did now a couple more flights, found the reason ,and everything is working fine now.Had 2 flights today LOC/GS worked fine and i am lucky again.The reason was , but wasen`t with FS 9.1:( with all reports FSX was and is used )As i am an "outside look fan" as far as the LOC/GS is capturedi am jumping to the outside view ( spot ) and thansetting the sim to Time Acceleration 1/2 to watch the planelanding.This didn`t worked for some reason anymore and it tooks a whileto understand , so i didn`t tought this could be the Issuebut for shure was !! ?OK glad i found it ; everything works great now.I mentioned in an other Post some anomalies with the VNAVbetwin slowly jumings up and down ; they still therein VNAV Path but gone if i use VNAV Speed.So an other finding for me....But if that should like that........mmhh not shure , i am no 747 pilot.OK just to report back.....glad now.> Do you realy did Beta tests on this Plane ??Sorry........So please forgive me for that words...frustration was to big there :-term Thanks PMDG for this great Product!!She is a real Candy.regardsMario G
  9. Hello ,Thanks Chuck !Tought i was to stupid to fly that bird after allmost 10 yearsoff Flightsimming and have to had a lot known experiencewith it in FS9....diden`t have that troubles there.So hope that PMDG is aware off it and is looking in it........Some statement off the developer where usefull , too.......regardsMario G
  10. Hi Word Not Allowed ,i did not using STAR or SID never at this allmost 10 years off FS Simming.I allways creating my plan with a flightplanner ( at the momentwith Flightsim Commander what is pretty fine i think.)So i put in my "own" STAR or SID to all the runways.It worked with all other Add On`s and planes fineand should work with PMDG ,tooMaybe i should make a break because i am really mad and angry at the moment.Can`t understand whats goeing on and normaly it should worklike i do it.Maybe i have to sleep over it....bad day today !!regardsMario G
  11. Hello ,somethings wrong with your AP Stoff.I had many flighjts now and not even 1 off themwas catching LOC/GS as it should.Not explaining more here..........I am simming allmost 10 years now and have done this withthe PMDG in FS9 right wellSo i think it is not missing on "don`t understood how to usingFlightsims and Add On`s"but for shure here ,...PMDG your plane is sicand i am realy disappointed therefor.I flown this LOC/GS with other Planes with no problemsso it is no reasen from a wrong setted code inside off FSX.Do you realy did Beta tests on this Plane ??Sorry........regardsMario G
  12. Hello David ,I installed them on my WinXP Setup( using FSX there allso )but not on VistaThe other side i have Installed all that texture tweakssince the beginning , they smaller in size and .dds files.I don`t know the Autors name.........Hm........but i have an IdeaI have the Orginal first Installed texture folder saved as a backupwill try with that , on`s more , and see whats happend.....Another thing is ...i have installed DirectX Redist Nov. 2007after FSX Acceleration maybe.....Thanks anyway for response....regardsMario G
  13. Hello PMDG , allAfter some flights i saw some oscillatingsmostly in VNac decent.This most goes around from 200-500 feetYou see the elevator slowly goes up and down all the timeUsing FSX - Win XP and no weather Engine other than from FSX.And allways the normal weater conditions , no specials.Loading my fuel allways with the loading modul from PMDB optionsand my Payload is set around 80000 lbsHave seen this in Alt Cruise aswell but mutch smaller.I mean the Queen is oscillating allways a little bit up and down.Any one else seeing this issue ??Is this normal ?? ( don`t think it should ..mean the VNav decent part )regardsMario G
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