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  1. Well, I posted a rather long winded description of my system over on the FSX forum, which I won't repeat here. I did manage to include pictures of a PMDG airplane this time.FSX and a Multi Monitor JourneyNoel WBrisbane
  2. Hi NicolaI'm at work at the moment but will put something more descriptive together later. I started out with one screen, added a couple more...and got carried away I suppose. You can never have too many screens!Noel WBrisbane
  3. I hear you on not liking to use a mouse. Not only the mouse, but I wanted to get away from having to rely on my CH HOTAS buttons, which becomes messy when flying different aircraft with different functions. You can certainly program different profiles, but often have to assign different functions between aircraft to the same controls.I've ended up with 4 touch screens. I decided that anywhere I had an instrument panel, I'd make it a touch screen. I added 2 17" widescreens to my existing setup, and added touch screen overlays to 2 19" widescreens I already had. Having the extra 'real estate' of the larger screens, versus say an 8" screen, allows the flexibility to place various panels and subpanels on the touch screen(s). I open and close various panels as I need them.I'm quite happy with the outcome, but I was not able to completely get rid of the mouse. 'Right-Clicks' can be tricky sometimes as well. For the FMC (MCDU), it's magic. Ditto for many other controls. I bought everything off of eBay.The other gem is TouchBuddy - I use that on a networked computer to add my own 'controls'. Great piece of software.Attached is an overall view of my setup, which really involves three computers. (These pictures happen to be of the CoolSky Super80 assured I have several PMDG aircraft...the MD-11 being my absolute favorite addon bar none.) The touch screens are where all the panels are located, and the lower left approach plate, which I also use for the TouchBuddy software...just toggle between the two.Noel WBrisbane