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  1. A few questions from a nerdy and not-so-code-savvy LINDA user, who would like to benefit from these new features with FlyByWire's A320neo: - Which components EXACTLY are required? - Where can they be downloaded? (no dead links, please...) -Where to put all the components? Or in other words: just a simple guide to retrieve installation information from the patchwork in this thread. Maybe one of you guys has enough patience to explain? Oskar
  2. Thanks a lot, Andrew. That sounds great !
  3. Is there any chance to get the FD and LS toggle also with a single command for both sides (Capt & Copi)? There is obviously such a function available in the cockpit by RIGHT clicking the respective button, identical to FSL Bus. In addition to that it would be highly appreciated if the BARO Toggle could also be achieved for BOTH sides by a single click. Of course these are issues which must be solved by Aerosoft, but my hope is still that there are some "hidden" function which would allow such shortcuts...😀Talking about such issues with Aerosoft,s developers directly is simply to no avail, not to say completely useless...
  4. Thanks, with V1.11 all is working now perfectly 😀...
  5. Hi Günter, Thank you very much for the quick release of this module. May I however point to two things that came to my attention: 1) the Prop Heat Toggle command is not working (switch does not move) 2) the GPS/NAV toggle command is missing. The FSX default command is unfortunately not working Other than that the module works great (as usual). Thanks again! Oskar
  6. "Open and close from within FSUIPC5?" If I'm not completely wrong this is the "normal" case if LINDA's option "start GUI with Sim" is checked. I use this option all the time. Nevertheless I get the above mentioned message. Not that it would worry me too much. So far I haven't seen any detrimental effect on LINDA due to this "final message". Just noteworthy, not to worry... Oskar
  7. I can confirm, however each time after shutdown there's the message "not enough timers available" popping up. It doesn't happen without LINDA and it doesn't happen with any other A/C. Not a showstopper, but maybe just something worth mentioning...
  8. Yes please ! And if it were only for the basic functions because fiddling with the mouse even for basic flying is definitely "not amusing". There is NO default command working, so I can't even set such basic things like HDG, ALT, SPD etc with my MCP Combo. I'm still wondering that at least the throttles are working... Oski
  9. Any news on the CRJ Module? It's hardly flyable without...
  10. Very nice. Works like a charm. Now the same for LS also, if I may gently ask so... :wink:
  11. Ya, ya, no hurry! I understand the higher demand on this subject... :smile:
  12. Yes. Presently we have the FD fuction assigned for CAPT ECP, which is used in the VC as LEFT CLICK on the FD (LS) button. Same happens on COPI side. There is however a function using RIGHT CLICK which always activates BOTH FD (LS) buttons at the same time. This was introduced during beta as a convenient tool to avoid swiveling around in the cockpit to activate both FD(LS) switches. A similar function exists for the QNH/STD switching, but this is activated in the setup as rightclick/leftclick (PUSH/PULL) has different effects on the QNH selector.
  13. Hi Günter, Any chance to find the variable for BOTH FD toggle (right click) and similrarly for BOTH LS toggle ? Oskar
  14. Use A2A's Input Configurator... Oskar
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