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  1. cheezyflier

    this hobby is almost over

    there are similar things out there that drive me up the wall, so i get it. no worries, i usually catch hell for my avoidance of caps and terrible punctuation. :lol: what i meant earlier was that if you bought a new system, they are almost all windows 8 machines now, afaik microsoft is no longer pushing 7 with new systems. i liked windows 8.1 because it was fast. but i had 7 before this, and i have nothing bad to say about it. honestly, i loved xp and wish we could just keep it. that little dell i mentioned in an earlier post? when it died it was still on it's initial install.7 yrs later. hahahaha most stable o/s i ever used, going back to windows 2.1
  2. cheezyflier

    this hobby is almost over

    i would love to be wrong, i really dig flight simming. so if i am, then awesome! for the entire 5 or 6 years i got from fsx i used a computer that you'd never expect could even run fsx at all. it was a dell 2400 with a p4@ 3.2, nvidia geforce fx5500 (pci slot, not pci-e) and 2G ram with fsx on a storage drive and xp/sp3 on it's own drive. i made my own brackets to mount the drive in the disc drive bay, as the tell mini tower had no provisions of any kind for expansion. with the kodiak flying over toronto i got about 12 frames @ 3500' and i could get up to 20 frames if i climbed above 10,000'. smooth and no stutter. but all sliders more to the left, no add on scenery, couldn't run the lic eagle, or the lionheart epic LT or the vision. (by the way, lionheart says he doesn't support prepar 3D on his site. if i can't have the kodiak, prepar is out afaic) so all i want this time is a stable system that will look nice. i don't need to build skynet. but i think with the $$ i have i should be able to own something adequate to the task. the i-5 rig i just sent back looked phenominal - while it was actually working.
  3. cheezyflier

    this hobby is almost over

    you know, if i knew what to pick, i would totally build one. i tried to buy the parts to build the one i am sending back, and it came up more expensive. i will have about $1500 to spend, all in including shipping taxes, etc. so my estimate is approx $1200 to spend on computer (parts?) i think i can do it, (build one) but i don't know what is best to pick. i want the system to run fsx well, my wife will use it for excel, word, p.p., and otherwise we play movies on it and surf the web, and use as a stereo. eventually i will use it to record/mix my music, but not right away. i think i can get away with on board sound, initially (unless i can buy a decent soundcard with the $$ i have. unless it'sa neccessary, i would like to avoid overclocking, it seems to cause alot of problems for others. i don't need to have ALL the fxs sliders full to the right, but i want it to look nice. i don't currently use much add-on scenery, but i do like bush flying, so i am almost always within 3500' AGL i have a yoke and pedals, will eventually buy a printer/scanner to scan photos and print docs only. i would like to have some usb ports in the front, one of them preferably usb2 because my pod gx doesn't like usb3. if you posted a list of parts that would be a great help. i have never buit a computer, but i have installed drives, video, sound and network cards, and ram before. i am good with my hands, and can follow instructions fairly well. thanks either way. so far, this computer thing has been a nitemare, oh, i should prolly mention - first attempt was win 7 and nvidia card, this last one was win 8.1 and a monster amd card. the win 7 computer would not run fsx and then the whole thing just wouldn't start. this newest attempt actually worked great at first, but after 2 weeks, it refuses to run fsx or play any videos. and you're right, all the forums do say that fsx and windows 8 is a no go for most people. lastly, i know of jetline, have from the beginning. considering their website lists their starting price at $1700 us, it's not an option for me. i have $1500 all in, including shipping taxes, and anything else.
  4. cheezyflier

    this hobby is almost over

    so i am about to RMA my 2nd computer from newegg. same problem as the first computer, some sort of driver failure every time i watch a video or try to start a flight. i have trawled so many forums looking for a solution it's a wonder my eyes didn't fall out. 2 different brands of computer, different cards, different operating systems, different mobos. same error. i have to watch what i say because last time i tried to post this thread i got spanked for a common every day word (not a swear-word, a common every day word that the admin attributed a meaning to that wasn't there) that small children even use, and it was justified with sketchy amorphous logic, so you guys didn't get to see that one. if only i could tell you what it was, so we could all have a laugh.... but i digress. despite what microsoft says, it seems (through my research) that windows 8 is not compatible with fsx. most new computers now don't offer windows 7. with no new sim even under development, the clock is ticking. sure a few of us have gotten lucky, and it works for those few. but you look around out there. most people can't get their sims running, and there are lots of them out there who have decided that it's just too much trouble. i'm not sure what computer i will end up with when i finally get one that works. but i will say this: fsx gets one shot to work properly. if it doesn't, i'm done wasting time with it. all my discs and my yoke and pedals will go right to kijiji. it shouldn't be this hard, and frankly, i think microsoft should refund my $$ flight sim is over. maybe it aint over for you yet, cause it works for you, but it aint gonna work on your next computer. we had a good run for a while, but that's it.
  5. cheezyflier

    Not a Game!

    if i build a car with only 3 wheels, who has the right to step up and tell me it's really a motorcycle? no one, and anyone who did would be wrong, right? ok, so now that you follow my logic, lemme show you why fsx is a game c:program files/microsoft games/flight simulator x bill gates says it's a game. it's his product. it's a game /thread
  6. cheezyflier

    Internet Explorer 10 and 11

    been using opera since it was beta. before opera, netscape. occasionally you'll get a site loaded with flash ads and opera wont load it. if i absolutely HAVE to see it, i use f.f. for that. otherwise, i just skip it. opera rules, baby! :biggrin: most of the folks i know still using explorer are click-throughs. they've installed every toolbar on the internet because they just click yes to everything. their computer is full of crap and their bloated start menu makes loading the o/s an all day affair. my step son is a perfect example. i bought him a sweet i-7 rig with a ssd. coming outta the box windows loaded in less than 30 seconds. 6 months of zero computer maintenance and now his load time is up over a full minute. :Hypnotized:
  7. cheezyflier

    You know this is what you've been working up to....

    better a goat than goatse. those of you who know what that is will agree, i'm sure.
  8. cheezyflier

    tutorial 12

    does anyone else wamt to kill the yacht captain? ##### is up w/that guy? i made at least 2 dozen good approaches and he changes speed and direction at the last possible moment!!! what is the trick here?
  9. cheezyflier

    BT ctd/wont load

    ok how about this? i copied it from my event viewer. does this help? Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.61637.0, time stamp: 0x46fadb14 Faulting module name: MAAM_B25.DLL, version:, time stamp: 0x4b5c5352 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00001474 Faulting process id: 0x8a8 Faulting application start time: 0x01cf202f3d2ef460 Faulting application path: D:\program files\microsoft games\FSX\fsx.exe Faulting module path: D:\program files\microsoft games\FSX\GAUGES\MAAM_B25.DLL Report Id: a5f2610d-8c22-11e3-832d-bc5ff4d7ce31 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  10. cheezyflier

    BT ctd/wont load

    tbo i dont even know how to go about figuring it out.
  11. thanks for helping me out in the disc thread! i downloaded BT but when i select it, the sim crashes before the plane can load a preview. any ideas?
  12. cheezyflier

    briefing time disc

    email sent, thanks a million for the fast response! i see you live in laurel. i lived in manassas for a little while, and wilmington. i saw briefing time at new garden about a zillion times. ( ok, maybe not a zillion, but a whole bunch) it's the first payware i ever bought.
  13. i bought the disc with all the goodies back when fsx was still new. that computer died, and i tried to use the disc to install briefing time into this new computer. it does not seem as though it will run in this computer. is there a way i can download briefing time? i can send photo of my disc, or maybe you guys can look up my name from back then i don't know? please advise, thanks in advance
  14. cheezyflier


    well, i was getting ctdt from this new windows 8 computer. i lowered a couple settings a notch and bang! stable as can be. woot! however, i am getting some jaggies, can someone direct me how tro eliminate or lessen them? also, is there any setting i should be applying to my video card? also, i dont know how i am supposed to set my filtering. anyone? thanks in advance for any help/advice
  15. cheezyflier

    If You Were Offered a Free Home Cockpit...

    i want the pit to match lionheart's epic lt with the nice burled trim, electronics, and leather upholstery. maybe the kodiak, which i also flew all the time, when i had a computer that would run fsx.