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Damian Clark

X Graphics Product and Support FAQ

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This FAQ will be updated from time to time to keep up with current popular questions and answers. Please see this FAQ and search the forum before posting a new question as the topic may already have been addressed or discussed.Are your products available for instant download? Yes! After purchasing, you will be provided with download links and registration keys as required to get you up and running. The download servers support full resume and we have several mirrors, so downloading is a very easy process even for those with slower connection speeds.You can also purchase a CD with your product by selecting that product option when you checkout.Do you offer your products on CD?Yes! For $15 added to your order a high-quality CD will be created and shipped to you within 2-4 weeks depending on your location. We highly recommend this option for backup purposes!To order the CD , select Edit options in the checkout screen when you order your product, and select the CD Delivery item. You will still be able to download your software product instantly. The CD is an ADDED option.I need to re-download or receive a new key for a product I've purchasedIf it has been within 3 days of your purchase, you can login to the HiFi Software Marketplace (http://www.hifisim.com/shop) and view your orders history. In your orders you will see a download and license key link in the line item details. Click this and download as required!If it has been after 3 days, your link will automatically expire and you must request a new one from support. Please use the Contact us form from http://www.hifisim.com and include your order details. We do not offer permanent software redownload guarantees. It is your responsibility to backup your own software for future re-use as required.Note that if you only need your license key for a reinstall, you can always receive it from your orders history!What is your upgrade policy?We occasionally provide free updates to products which fix reported problems, enhance functionality, or even provide new features. This is stricly by HiFi's discretion and we do not guarantee updates.New versions of existing products (i.e. New version 2.0 from version 1.0) will generally be offered to previous version customers for a discount. The discount amount and end pricing depends on the products and situation. Again this is at HiFi's discretion.Brand new products and redesigns (i.e. Active Sky X and X Graphics) are not offered with an upgrade discount. These are not upgrades and have completely seperate concerns. Is there an upgrade discount available from ASV/ASv6 to X Graphics?We occasionally offer "upgrade discounts" for certain new enhanced versions of previous products. Other products which are completely brand new, redesigned or otherwise not an "upgrade" of a previous product (such as Active Sky X and X Graphics) are not provided with upgrade discounts as they are completely separate in terms of development effort, costs and other business concerns.When an upgrade discount is available for a certain product it will be listed as a separate product item in our store (i.e. UPGRADE: Productname).We hope you understand our upgrade and pricing policies and we appreciate your continued support of our future development!If you would like to contact us and express your thoughts please e-mail tell-us@hifisim.com. We value our customers' feedback!

Damian Clark
HiFi  Simulation Technologies

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