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ASX - Is it too early for critics ?

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Hi,it is rather early for critics on the brand-new ASX,butsince Jim himself announced already a SERVICE PACK - only 2-3 days after release . . . !! ( are we all betatester ?? ) - I would like to suggest that all bugs, problems and suggestions be put together in ONE thread. This will help HIFISIM and all users to get the most out of it.The 96/120 dpi problem was already discussed, but I found it only by random . . .Here my first bugs :unable to insert ALTN AIRPORT creating NavLog( I tried to create a flt pln with the old 200X format .PLN and it produced a navlog )within minutes I created a navlog with ASX AND AS6 for the route KIAD-EDDT - and the winds aloft for FL 350 were completely different !!!AS6 - @ HFD 281/25 ASX - 337/22 @ 53N030W 291/47 - 063/17 @ RKN 178/19 - 150/38and so on . . . PRINTS :it was nice to print with AS6 only the navlog and not also the tons of wx-info for the whole route !! PLEASE bring it back !!It was also nice to have the summary of winds for different flight levels at the beginning of the navlog !The print-out of navlog only goes to last waypoint of routing ( beginning of STAR ) and not all the way to DEST - it might be the problem that I use to old .PLN format ?? I miss also the temps at selected altitudes in the navlog - TAS difference between -40 and -60 mean about 20 kts or plus/minus 10 kts from average !!Still some heading mistakes in BOTH AS6 and ASX - i.e.general direction from USA TO Europe is east/northeast - but starting with 53N020W to BURAK it shows in both programs a westerly direction ( ASX TRU 270 and hdg to fly 282 // AS6 MC 290 MH 292 )I strongly recommend ONE thread for all the suggestions !!What do you think about it ?

Karl-Heinz Wichmann - EDDI/THF "Tempelhof"

"The mother of all airports" - Sir Norman Foster

Now CLOSED - its a shame !


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