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ASX Feature Request: step waypoints and winds-aloft

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I was trying to convey various winds-aloft data from my WideClient ASX session to my LDS767 FMC on the WideServer. It then occured to me that what we need is the ability to step-through the FP waypoints on the map rather quickly and easily. At each FP waypoint on the map, we need to be able to see various winds-aloft data for that waypoint. This helps get the data into the FMC for VNAV descent points. In ASv6, there was a table at the end of the brief that showed all the waypoints and all the FL winds-aloft for each waypoint, very neatly.In both the ASX-map and the Xguage, please add a +/- buttons that would allow you to step through the Flightplan on the map (both forwards and backwards buttons). At each FP waypoint in the map, add the ability to show all winds-aloft FL's for that waypoint in the mouse-over. Or, display the winds-aloft text in the mouse-over for the current alittude (FL) selected in the map.Maybe this is already in the app and I'm just missing it. :0Also, how do you change the FL once a plan has already been submitted and processed for a given altitude? With step-climbs, do you enter a new altitude in the Import Flightplan GUI and re-process the same plan?

Al Jordan

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