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Hi Jim. You will doubtless remember all the problems I had with AS6 - some months back you sent me some wx files which were supposed to be 'clear weather', 'thunderstorm', 'blizzard' etc. I have got really fed up of the weather that eventually appears in FS9 bearing no relation to what is shown in the main 'decoded' area of AS6 (your 'clear weather' file, for instance, shows as clear in the AS6.5 window, but in FS9 the sky is full of grey clouds). The main annoyance is that when I start at certain airports, like Heathrow or JFK, the scenery is so crowded that having lots of nice, heavy clouds is the final straw, fps-wise. I need to be able to select almost cloudless skies and know that it will be clear. (The FS9 default is hardly an option after AS6, which I now load as a matter of habit).OK, cutting the waffle, I want to reinstall AS6.5 and see if that helps, but I seem to have a number of zip files backed up, viz:ASv6-Full.zip (42.1 MBs)ASv65_Update.zip (7.94 MBs)ASv6-SU5.zip (7.92 MBs)There is also (and only) the 'service update' called ASv65-SU1.zip on hifisim.com. Is this in fact later than ASv6-SU5.zip, even though it's SU1 and not SU5?Could you kindly let me exactly know which files I need to install to get the latest AS6 setup for FS9.1, and in which order, Do I just uninstall my current AS6.5 (I have build 533 - is that the latest? - I load GE Pro via the AS6 interface) using 'Add or Remove Programs'?Many thanks,Martin

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