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Damian Clark

Using ASX with other 3rd party cloud graphics add-ons

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Hi all,When using cloud graphics add-ons with ASX, please note your "SkyScape" mode settings as these can cause unpredictable results depending on the graphics add-on(s) being used.X Graphics is currently the only cloud graphics add-on that supports "SkyScape" modes, and thus you should only enable such options within ASX when using X Graphics for your cloud textures.When using other add-ons for cloud textures, please make sure you disable "SkyScape" options. If you leave this mode enabled, cirrus textures can be incorrectly used causing a "wall of cloud" effect where standard stratus or cirrus clouds would normally appear.Despite some misinformed posts about this issue being made by other developers, this "issue" has nothing to do with "FSX Haze" layers or problems with the ASX weather engine. It is simply ASX assuming X Graphics is being used when SkyScape modes are enabled, thus forcing specific cirrus textures to be used in certain circumstances to provide the "SkyScape" effect.Best,

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