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XPax - Thanks and Suggestions

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First of all: Thanks you for yet another innovative and excellent add-on. I have to say that I didn't expect much from XPax, but on my first flight I had to "Ooooh" and "Aaah" while viewing the "Passenger Cam". Everything works for me as intended. You guys are one of the few who have a vision of what fellow flight simmer want (well, at least speaking for myself). XPax is immersive, innovative and helps to fight a little bit the boredom on flying with the heavies.Here are some suggestions:- Create a download database for the "passenger cam" and audio uploads. I think that probably a lot of people would like a tad more variety and would be willing to tape their flight experiences.- A little more specifics of the passengers would be great, like "didn't like to sit on tarmac for 10 minutes" or "got sick" or "missed connecting flight".- The score/satisfaction should also include a timely flight (arrival/departure).- Random events, like delays in pre-boarding, missed passenger, weather conditions, airport closings, etc. would add an incredible amount of realism- Random utilization (passenger, cargo load), that can be set by the pilot and eventually a short weight sheet that gets handed by the ground crew (a la mini-FS2Crew), so that the pilot can accurately program the FMS.- Passenger cam/status panel as a panel gauge for users who don't have two monitors (I have two and love it). The two window setup is a little bit unfortunate, but it works well for me.Keep up the great work. Thanks again from a very, very satisfied customer.Pat

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