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ADF Tuning Problem

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I'm posting this for one of our customers, Geoff, who mailed me with a problem for which I have no answer. He writes..."Firstly, congratulations on your magnificent R4D/DC3 package! Together with B25 "Briefing Time" the R4D/DC3 sets the standard for other designers to aim for. One problem though: I'm having trouble with tuning in ADF channels on the overhead panel. Provided I tune the channel and/or select the radio control panel before starting engines and getting going, the tuning system and radio control panel work as per the manual. Once airborne however I'm not able to tune in any other ADF frequency further along my route - the hot spot for changing the last digit is no longer available. Also the radio control sub panel cannot be called up. Any assistance, ideas etc for getting around this problem would be very much appreciated. The above difficulties apply to both FS2004 and FS2002. My system:Windows XP Professional ver 2002Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1900+ 1.61 GHzRAM: 512 MBVideo Card: NVidia GeForce4 mx 460As I told Geoff, we have had no reports of any peculiarities with AWOL ADF tuning or radio sub-panel through our beta team or from customers. Nor could I duplicate the problem myself on either my Athlon/ATI or my Pentium/Nvidia machine. Any ideas from the MAAM-SIM knowledge base (you guys)? Is this a conflict with another program, perhaps?Bill Rambow MAAM-SIM - Rambow, Visser, Banting, Young, Womack, Sodja & Beaumonthttp://www.fssupport.com/maam_sim/maamsim_logo2.gif

Bill Rambow



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