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9th Edition R4D/DC-3/C-47 CD Released

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If you did not catch the Press Release on the front page here at Avsim or elsewhere, here it is:http://www.maam.org/flightsim/news/9th_ed/9th_ed.htmIf you don't want to read the whole thing, or look at all those nice screenies, the quick and dirty is that this edition adds the 6 "All Theaters" C-47s and the Danish Dakota Friends C-47 OY-BPB to the previous stable that included the original R4D, UAL, BEA, XC-47s, and D-Day C-47s of the 8th Edition.There is nothing new - that is, these were already available as free enhancements to CD owners. It's just our SOP of including the latest freebies when a new burn of CD's is needed at the museum.So why all the hoopla? Hey, press releases mean new sales as FSers who never heard of us discover our products. Simple as that. :-)The next edition, which I guess we'll have to call Edition X, will come out when this batch is sold out and the FSX Update is ready to go. The patch is in final beta testing after a grueling session of programming and testing by Fred Banting and Howard Sodja to track down and stomp to death a very sneaky bug that has been driving us nuts, causing CTD's for some testers when the overhead panel was called up. It seems to be squashed now (knock on wood) and we hope to have the update out this week - free, of course - as an 8MB DL.We expect 'Briefing Time' to benefit from the aforementioned agony and follow quite soon thereafter. Then we can finally turn our whole attention to the TBM, which is flying as an Alpha and starting to look really sweet!Bill RambowMAAM-SIM http://www.fssupport.com/maam/hgrsm_blkani.gif

Bill Rambow



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