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Hello! I've been into flightsimulation since the Jumbo program was developed by Molimerx for the BBC Microcomputer in the early 1980s. (Amazingly, I've just discovered it is still available - if you want it PM me for a link). So, I'm getting on a bit! I've a chance now to do a serious upgrade. I currently fly FS2004 and FS2002 (very stable in my system). My existing kit consists of:ASUS A8N32-SLI-Deluxe mobo AMD Athlon 64 San Diego 4000+2GB Corsair RAM (very fast pair matched)Western Digital Raptor HDDs 70GB and 40GB (so not in RAID config)NVidia 7800 GTX 256MB Viewsonic 19in CRT monitorSony 17in CRT monitor interlaced (excellent display)I wish to do the following: 1. Retain FS9 for the foreseeable future. I've spent too much time making new sceneries, AFCADs, AI timetabling etc to jettison this program completely just now.2. In FS9 to move to WideFS and run three monitors to give a 150 deg view. 3. To keep another screen for undocked features e.g. GPS, FSNav, vasfmc, Radio Contact, Roger Wilco, etc.4. Fly on VATSIM as before using FSInn, FSCopilot5. Add rudder pedals to my CH Flightstick Pro6. Add Simkits controls and gauges gradually7. Continue to operate a heavy-duty AI program8. Continue to use my existing addon freeware and payware sceneries, mesh, aircraft9. Retain frame rates not much below 30 fps. 10. To continue with XP Pro...and finally, when curiosity gets the better of me, I'd like to be able to slot FSX into this hardware setup and have it running really well, without stutters, CTDs and memory problems.I've been following several threads on this board but I am not too sure where to start with kit for this. I always self-build - is this still the surest way to get what I want, bearing in mind I live in UK? I am not into overclocking, mainly because this idiot cannot find an Idiots Guide which he understands on the subject.I'd be grateful for any advice on where to start. Ah yes, how much? Will I get what I want, or build it, for 2000 USD? Thanks.John Hubbard

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