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NOTAM - Rulings and Clarifications

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Hi everyone,The RTW Executive Committee has received a few inquiries during the course of the race. Here are our answers:Jozef K/Arvoo wingman baton handoff issue - The confusion here resulted from some confused postings to the baton thread. It seems that communications took place over teamspeak and matters that were clear to those privy to those conversations weren't necessarily clear when viewed through the lens of forum posts. The Executive Committee has looked into this matter and determined that Avsim re-flew the leg in question - they didn't successfully employ the wingman rule, therefore they didn't need to wait out the 30 minutes associated with this rule.The definition of "North America" - A number of people have asked us what counts as North America. We're using the strictly geographical definition - any part of the main American landmass (not an island) north of the Panama Canal will satisfy the requirement.Duenna realism slider value - It has been brought to our attention by a number of people that some flight legs flown by and with Duenna realism slider values of less than 1. We've begun to look into this, and have found that some of these errors were caused by a small bug in the Duenna that results in anomolous values being reported when Windows regional settings are set in a certain way. This said, we believe that some of these are in fact the result of realism sliders actually having been set incorrectly. We are still looking into whether or not a competitve advantage was gained as a result of unfair realism settings, and if we determine that this was the case, we will issue appropriate penalties. For the time being, we want to issue a reminder and a warning to pilots in the strongest possible terms that the realism sliders need to be set as prescribed in the rules. See the official rules for the full details of what we need to be set.From the standpoint of the Committee, it would be great if everyone would make their multiplayer IPs public. We think it'd be great for the race community to come together and check out each other's flights. Plus, we're fine with disabling aircraft collisions (the modeling of this in FS2004 is pretty unrealistic) so any concerns about possible 'kamikaze attacks' need not worry anyone.Finally, we just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the spirit of this race is one of fun. Be competitive if you want, take it seriously if you want, but please don't take the competition too far. Let's just step back for a minute and remind ourselves that we're all just trying to have a good time here.Thanks for your time, and thanks for racing.Good luck on the rest of the race!The RTWR Executive Committee

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