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  1. DISREGARD! Fixed it by removing the old license files. I apologize for the interruption.
  2. Hello, I purchased the PMDG ultimate bundle from Simmarket. I already owned two of the PMDG products, but the bundle was still cheaper. The license will now not activate on my computer. It says "please select exactly 7 products". I think this is because I've already activated two of the PMDG products and there are only 5 left. How can I activate my license? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, So, I have installed LINDA 4.04 and a registered copy of FSUIPC7 on my computer. FSUIPC seems to be working fine - I have axes assigned with it, and even a few buttons, and they all seem to work. LINDA recognizes my button presses, however, no matter what command I assign, even a simple keypress, the command does not register in FS when I trigger the appropriate joystick button. LINDA will highlight the button in question, so I know it is seeing the button press, but FS does not seem to be getting the commands, no matter what I do. Can anyone point me to a next step for diagnosing this problem? Is there a component other than LINDA and FSUIPC that I need to have installed? Thank you in advance, Matthew Smith
  4. Hi, I have worked up a very basic LINDA module for the CS767 for my own use. Since no current module exists for the CS767, I thought it might be of some use to folks out there. Here it is. It was kind of fun to figure out how everything works behind the scenes. I hope that this module enhances your enjoyment of the CS767. If you would like to request that I add a particular command or feature for you, I would be happy to consider doing it, however, since I currently work two full-time jobs, do not expect a quick turn-around. Best, Matthew Smith
  5. It is my pleasure to announce the results of the 2008 RTW Race.First Place: Sim-OuthouseSecond Place: AvsimThird Place: FlightsimCongratulations to SOH, who have for the first time taken the "Tornado Trophy." This year's race was another very close contest. Congratulations to everyone who participated.We welcome your feedback as we think about plans for next year.Again, Congratulations!Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  6. Special Rule 11 - RemovedSpecial Rule 11 - concerning the 24 hour embargo following an aircraft crash - is stricken from the Special Rules for the 2008 race with immediate effect. Pilots currently under embargo are released.The Executive Committee underestimated the amount of embargoes that would result from technical glitches rather than true crashes.SOH Leg: VHHX - RPLB AppealTeam Sim Outhouse's leg from VHHX to RPLB was appealed as lacking authentication. They were proactive in contacting the Executive Committee as soon as they realised that there was a problem, and after consultation they reflew the leg. Accordingly, no penalty will be assessed for this leg.SOH Leg: RPLB - RPLU AppealTeam Sim Outhouse's leg from RPLB to RPLU was appealed as lacking authentication. In this case they were not proactive in contacting us and only provided an alternate form of authentication only after quite a bit of time had elapsed. Since they did provide evidence that the leg took place in the end, we will not require them to refly it. However, because this evidence was so late in coming and the team was not forthcoming about the mishap, we have determined that a delay of 15 minutes on the next team SOH leg departure is needed to make up for the questionable authentication on this leg. This penalty should be served as soon as possible.Duenna Error Policy - ClarificationThere seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding what we expect if a Duenna error prevents you from authenticating your flight in the normal way. Although the Duenna is the only officially accepted way of authenticating a flight, all this means is that flights lacking Duenna authentication need to be appealed to the Executive Committee: it does not imply that if there is a Duenna error you must refly a leg. Neither, however, does it mean that you can ignore a Duenna issue and hope that no-one notices.When a team has what they believe to be a good flight and what they believe to be a Duenna failure, they should document the case, bring it to public attention, and immediately notify the Race Officials directly. They should present any evidence that they can produce as to the flight's authenticity. Primarily, we would like to see screenshots of the Flight Analysis window, as we used to use this for authentication. Also acceptable are shots of tracking through Google Earth, screenshots of the simulator itself, and testimony of multiplayer pilots. If the evidence indicates a proper flight, the Race Officials will approve the flight and there will be no penalty. If the evidence indicates an unsuccessful flight, then the team may apply the Retrospective Wingman Transfer, or, alternatively the Committee will assign a proper penalty. For example, the penalty might require the team to re-fly the leg and/or assess an additional time penalty.Best,Matt Smith
  7. In an effort to ease the workload of our stalwart programming genius, Jared Smith, we're asking each team to keep track of their bonuses in an official bonus thread. This is the thread for Team Avsim.The pilot who scores the bonus is responsible for recording it via reply message to this thread (on team flights, the lead pilot may record for everyone, or each individual pilot may record, at the team's discretion). In the future, if a bonus is not recorded here, it will not be counted.Already scored bonuses should be summarised by a reputable team member in a reply to this post.Future bonus posts must include the following elements:Departure/Arrival AirportWhat the bonus is forBonus AmountAnd, importantly, the new total amount of bonus hours for the teamIn this way we hope to keep a running tally of bonus hours for each team. Penalty hours will be recorded on our website. Jared may or may not put the bonus hours into the baton tracking system. If he does not, rest assured, they still count - the tracker is not the official race record, simply a useful tool for following the race.Thanks for your co-operation on this issue. We recognise that this is an inconvenience, but we really want to be sure we aren't missing anything in tracking the race.Best Regards,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  8. We have a number of reminders and clarifications to publish, as well as some decisions on appeals.Keeping Track of Penalties and AppealsIn order to help us and you keep better track of pending appeals, appeals decisions, and penalties resulting from appeals, we have set up a table on the Follow the Race page (http://www.fsrtwrace.com/follow.htm) that details the status of appeals.Clarification on Wingmen and Penalties and BonusesAn aircraft must carry the baton in order to earn a bonus, accrue a penalty, or otherwise have an effect on the race. Wingmen who crash while not in possession of the baton do not have the 24-hour aircraft embargo applied, and wingmen who successfully complete cabin class flights but do not have the baton transferred to them do not earn cabin class bonuses. If the baton is not transferred to a wingman, nothing that happens on the wingman flight matters. (Note that it is still advantageous to complete the leg, in case something untoward is discovered with the lead pilot's leg.)Shockwave Wings of Power P-47Note that this aircraft is not (as configured by default) legal for the RTWR. Its external tanks total 330 gallons - the maximum allowed is 300. The external tanks must be "commented out" of the aircraft.cfg."Gnoopey" P-47M - Center3 TankWe are reviewing the configuration of external tanks on this aircraft. We recommend that pilots "comment out" the Center3 tank to ensure that it is legal.Reminder: 24-hour EmbargoesPlease remember that if you crash and restart your leg, it needs to be in a new aircraft: you are embargoed from flying the same aircraft within 24 hours after crashing.Sim-Outhouse Leg from CAP6 to CYQHThe baton pilot on this flight reported fluxuating frame rates and other anomalies he attributed to lag from flying online. The baton was carried at an average speed of over 600 knots - a value impossible to legally obtain, despite a valid Duenna reading. We have determined that this leg cannot be allowed to stand since it had to have been the beneficiary of a major computer error. Given the valid Duenna reading and the forthrightness of Team SOH about this flight, we have decided to allow them to retroactively transfer the baton to their successfully-completed wingman flight free of the normal penalty for doing the transfer after the fact. Thus we are asking them to delay their departure on their next leg for 48 minutes: 18 minutes is the difference between the time of the speeded-up flight and 30 minutes is the normal handicap for transferring the baton to the wingman.In the future, if flights occur that are clearly outside the bounds of a realism, we ask teams to be proactive in transferring the baton at the time, if possible. This said, we applaud the approach SOH took in bringing this issue to our attention rather than waiting for us to investigate.Flightsim.com VHHX-RPLL-RPMRFlightsim.com appealed to have the embargo on the P-51H for Andy lifted, on the grounds that the flight was voluntarily aborted and was not the result of a computer or aircraft crash.Flightsim.com's assumption that Andy received the baton on the flight from VHHX-RPLL is in error. The forum posts #52 shows that Andy abandoned his wingman flight before forum post #53 where the baton was released for the flight. Therefore Andy did not "crash" the P-51 because he did not have the Baton.Teams are cautioned - the baton can only be transferred via the forum. The transfer of the baton does not occur on the RTW Race Tracker.Andy's subsequent flight RPLL-RPMR in the P-51 was valid and he is not embargoed from flying the P-51. The FlightSim team decision to abandon the enroute flight from RPMR and return and refly the RPLL-RPMR leg was unnecessary. Since it resulted in a two hour penalty to Flightsim.com's team, that is determined to be sufficient penalty for the use of an ineligible aircraft - the P-47N by Wings of Power.However, had Andy actually received the baton on the forums, we could not uphold an appeal: we must have a consistent standard in assessing the embargo. Because there is no way to absolutely verify what happened when a flight was aborted, we have to assume the worst. This standard is applied to all teams in all cases. We believe consistency in ruling here is of paramount importance.Though in the case of Maple_One whose RPMR-WAPP flight was abandoned to allow the team to return to RPLL to rectify the perceived invalid flight, he is not embargoed from flying the P-51.Best Wishes,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  9. Please begin the actual race legs when ready. I was told you were waiting for an official post. Do not wait.
  10. This post officially begins the 2008 RTW Race.Best of luck to all the teams.Go!Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  11. Yes. You just say "authentication uploaded to official server" or something similar.Note that it certainly isn't a bad idea to save authentication files on your computer in case there's a problem later.MattRTWR Executive Committee
  12. Attached are text versions of the rules and FAQ. The tables may be a little hard to read, but it's difficult to render them in .txt.Best,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  13. Yes. We heard that teams were scrambling to plan with only 24 hours, and with the race starting fairly early on Saturday this year (Friday being a workday in the US and Europe) we wanted to be sure everyone had plenty of time to game things out.Best,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  14. Hi all,The Special Rules and Routing for 2008 have been posted on the RTWR website (www.fsrtwrace.com/rules.htm).I'm just formatting the FAQ now (easier said than done for an HTML novice). It will be up in a few hours.I'll also reply to this thread with text versions of the rules.Best of luck on preparations!Cheers,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
  15. Hi all,In a collaborative effort from two people to whom the Race community owes a great debt of gratitude, the RTW Duenna has been updated for the 2008 Race. John Muller and Jared Smith, who have both been indispensable in orchestrating the technical aspects of the race in the past, have once again outdone themselves for the benefit of everyone involved with the race. This latest update brings several refinements to the Duenna's ability to verify flights, and will give each leg of this year's race a redoubtable mantle of credibility and verifiability. Our hope, as it has ever been with the Duenna, is to enable competitors and spectators alike to focus on the race itself, rather than the mechanics behind it.Perhaps the most exciting news to come from our two technical wizards, however, is that a system for automatically tracking race pilots as they fly around the world has been put into place, and is currently in testing. Although the bugs are still very much in the process of being worked out, it is our hope that when the race begins in a few days' time, we will have the most robust and capable system for following the race that we have ever had in place on the "Follow the Race" page of our website (http://www.fsrtwrace.com/follow.htm).At this time, we would like to invite pilots to download the latest testing version of the Duenna (http://johannesmueller.com/fs/web/duenna/). We encourage everyone to put their computers, the Duenna, and our tracking system through their respective paces. The greater the number of practice legs flown with the Duenna, the greater the chance that bugs will be caught before the race. (To say nothing of the racing benefit to practicing!)Thanks again for your time, and for your testing. We'll see you on race day!Best Regards,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee
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