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Rules Reminders and Clarifications, Appeals Decisions

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We have a number of reminders and clarifications to publish, as well as some decisions on appeals.Keeping Track of Penalties and AppealsIn order to help us and you keep better track of pending appeals, appeals decisions, and penalties resulting from appeals, we have set up a table on the Follow the Race page ( that details the status of appeals.Clarification on Wingmen and Penalties and BonusesAn aircraft must carry the baton in order to earn a bonus, accrue a penalty, or otherwise have an effect on the race. Wingmen who crash while not in possession of the baton do not have the 24-hour aircraft embargo applied, and wingmen who successfully complete cabin class flights but do not have the baton transferred to them do not earn cabin class bonuses. If the baton is not transferred to a wingman, nothing that happens on the wingman flight matters. (Note that it is still advantageous to complete the leg, in case something untoward is discovered with the lead pilot's leg.)Shockwave Wings of Power P-47Note that this aircraft is not (as configured by default) legal for the RTWR. Its external tanks total 330 gallons - the maximum allowed is 300. The external tanks must be "commented out" of the aircraft.cfg."Gnoopey" P-47M - Center3 TankWe are reviewing the configuration of external tanks on this aircraft. We recommend that pilots "comment out" the Center3 tank to ensure that it is legal.Reminder: 24-hour EmbargoesPlease remember that if you crash and restart your leg, it needs to be in a new aircraft: you are embargoed from flying the same aircraft within 24 hours after crashing.Sim-Outhouse Leg from CAP6 to CYQHThe baton pilot on this flight reported fluxuating frame rates and other anomalies he attributed to lag from flying online. The baton was carried at an average speed of over 600 knots - a value impossible to legally obtain, despite a valid Duenna reading. We have determined that this leg cannot be allowed to stand since it had to have been the beneficiary of a major computer error. Given the valid Duenna reading and the forthrightness of Team SOH about this flight, we have decided to allow them to retroactively transfer the baton to their successfully-completed wingman flight free of the normal penalty for doing the transfer after the fact. Thus we are asking them to delay their departure on their next leg for 48 minutes: 18 minutes is the difference between the time of the speeded-up flight and 30 minutes is the normal handicap for transferring the baton to the wingman.In the future, if flights occur that are clearly outside the bounds of a realism, we ask teams to be proactive in transferring the baton at the time, if possible. This said, we applaud the approach SOH took in bringing this issue to our attention rather than waiting for us to appealed to have the embargo on the P-51H for Andy lifted, on the grounds that the flight was voluntarily aborted and was not the result of a computer or aircraft's assumption that Andy received the baton on the flight from VHHX-RPLL is in error. The forum posts #52 shows that Andy abandoned his wingman flight before forum post #53 where the baton was released for the flight. Therefore Andy did not "crash" the P-51 because he did not have the Baton.Teams are cautioned - the baton can only be transferred via the forum. The transfer of the baton does not occur on the RTW Race Tracker.Andy's subsequent flight RPLL-RPMR in the P-51 was valid and he is not embargoed from flying the P-51. The FlightSim team decision to abandon the enroute flight from RPMR and return and refly the RPLL-RPMR leg was unnecessary. Since it resulted in a two hour penalty to's team, that is determined to be sufficient penalty for the use of an ineligible aircraft - the P-47N by Wings of Power.However, had Andy actually received the baton on the forums, we could not uphold an appeal: we must have a consistent standard in assessing the embargo. Because there is no way to absolutely verify what happened when a flight was aborted, we have to assume the worst. This standard is applied to all teams in all cases. We believe consistency in ruling here is of paramount importance.Though in the case of Maple_One whose RPMR-WAPP flight was abandoned to allow the team to return to RPLL to rectify the perceived invalid flight, he is not embargoed from flying the P-51.Best Wishes,Matt SmithRTWR Executive Committee

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