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TinMouse II Bug List -- Patch 2

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This is a list of confirmed bugs in the TinMouse II with Patch 2 installed. Report bugs in the bug reports thread below.1. CIVA INS dist display masked in INS mode. Dist to next waypoint is inhibited if #1 DME hold switch is in STBY. Status: Fixed, will distrbute in patch 32. CIVA INS batt light comes on at brake release and INU dies after 15 minutes of flight. This is the MSFS battery drain bug. There are several interim solutions. 1) If you have the full (payware) version of FSUIPC, ensure "Extend battery life" is checked in the Misc tab. 2) Load the default cessna, and make sure the master battery, master alternator, and avionics switches are all on before switching to the TinMouse. Status: Untested fix ready for release with patch 3.3. Pitch trim overly sensitive. Highly subjective due to variances in joysticks. Trim is properly set to trim out at V2 with takeoff trim set, and close to 0 trim at Vmo. There does appear to be some excessive pitch sensitivity. Any fix will require extensive flight testing. Recommended interim solution is to increase empty_weight_pitch_MOI (in weight_and_balance section of the aircraft.cfg file) experimentally to deaden down pitch response, or alternatively, to raise the pitch_stability vlue in the flight_tuning section. Status: Temp fix in place - change pitch_stability parameter in aircraft.cfg to 1.20 from 1.00.4. APU Fuel Flow excessively high APU is burning way more than its nominal 360 pph. Status: Fixed, awaiting release in patch 3.5. Autobrakes stop the plane too fast Autobrake landings at moderate settings result in excessively short landing distances. Status: Fixed (re-wrote the autobrake gauge) Awaiting Patch 3.Topic unpinned on release of Patch 3

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