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TinMouse II FAQ

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Welcome to the TinMouse II project support forum. The TinMouse project began as a community freeware project in 2003 and gave us a high fidelity freeware B737-200. It's creator, Richard Probst, continued to update and develop the panel until he left the hobby in 2005. The TinMouse II is a continuation of that project in the same community spirit, and has grown, through the contribution of many, to a complete freeware package worthy of Richard's original vision. This forum is for project support, dissemination of news related to the project, and discussions related to flying the simulated or real B737-200. TinMouse II Frequently Asked Questions0. Q: Where can I find the TinMouse II? A: Here in the AVSIM library. TinMouse II V1.40 Wide-screen Update for FS9 and FSXTinMouse II V1.32 Update for FS9 and FSXV1.32 is an incremental update, and requires the full V1.30 version and V1.31 update (links below) be installed first.TinMouse II V1.31 Update for FS9 and FSXTinMouse II V1.30 for FS9TinMouse II V1.30 for FSXVersion 1.30 is a consolidated and complete standalone distribution of the add-on. No files from any previous version are required--but repaints for previous versions will work as the models have not changed.Other files:Consolidated Paintkit: TinMouse II Consolidated PaintkitFSBuild Aircraft Performance Files: Language Installation Instructions: Greek Installation InstructionsAES Configuration Files: AES Configuration Files for the TinMouse II and FFX/KittyHawk B737-200 ModelsUTOPIA TOLD Data parameters for -17R Engines: Utopia data for the JT8D-17R jet engine1. Q: Why am I getting an error that the FS2AUDIO.dll file cannot be found or loaded?A: PLEASE NOTE THIS SIGNIFICANT CHANGE. The FS2Audio.dll file must be placed in the windows\System32 folder, and on 64-bit operating systems also in the windows\sysWOW64 folder. Previous versions used FSSound.dll, which was located in the FS9\modules folder.A related error, "0x7e cannot load FS2Audio.dll" can be caused if your DirectX version is too old, or if windows\system32 is not, for some reason, in your system path. To update DirectX, go to and get the latest DX update. Just because you have DirectX 9.0C already installed does NOT mean you have a current DirectX 9 version--DX9.0c has been updated every few months since it first was released, and if you have never updated it yourself, it's likely that your version is too old to properly run the Microsoft XACT engine used by the audio module. Updating video and audio drivers after a DX update, though not strictly required, is always a good idea, as well.Here is a link: Microsoft DirectX User Runtime Update2. Q: Where's the manual? A: In the Docs directory of the download archive. There's also good manual on the Sperry 77 autopilot that explains the autopilot and control-wheel steering feature in the AVSIM library at A real-world B732 aircraft flight manual (available for cheap on CD from a number of sources) is an invaluable aid.3. Q: Will the TinMouse II work in FSX?A: (Revised 19 Dec 2010) From version 1.30 onward, yes.4. Q: How do I get the weather radar to work? A: The wx radar is one of the few remaining dummy panels in the TinMouse II. The TinMouse II includes a configuration and custom center-panel bitmap to add the RealityXP WX-500 weather radar.5. Q: How do I edit the panel sounds?A: The panel sounds have been packaged into sound databases used by DirectX's XACT engine. They cannot be directly edited in this format.6. Q: About 20 min into my flight, the gear warning horn started sounding, and the %&%$^& thing won't stop!! A: That's not the gear's the cabin altitude warning horn. They sound exactly the same. Hint #1: The pressurization works much better with the AC packs turned on. Hint #2: The Cab Alt Warning Silence button to the left of the diff press gauge on the OHP will make it stop. But first get your quick-don mask on and get the packs switched on before the pax are all doing the funky chicken in their seats.7. Q: I have some sort of electrical failure a short time into every flight. A: Load the default Cessna 172, and make sure the battery, alternator, and avionics switches are all ON. And make sure the NAV/GPS switch is in NAV. Then switch to the TinMouse II, then save the flight. Select the saved flight from now on and the electrical glitch should be no more.8. Q: How do you get the doors to open? A: Either with the FS door command (default is SHIFT-E) or by left-clicking on the door open light on the overhead panel. Right-clicking (or SHIFT-E then 2) on the door light will open the aft doors & airstair, or the cargo doors in the TinMouse cargo model. The TinMouse II model also requires the parking brake to be set and the acft to be on the ground for the door animations to work.9. Q: The airspeed indicator doesn't work. How do I make it work?A: Make sure that the latest version of FSUIPC.DLL is installed in the FS9 modules directory. Must be FSUIPC v3.70 or later in FS9, v4.60 or later in FSX. Selecting the "Smooth IAS for external programs" option on the FS9 FSUIPC menu will eliminate the ratcheting effect on the airspeed and mach drums in a climb/descent. This feature is not available in the FSX versions of FSUIPC, but is automatically implemented in the panel code. 10. Q: After I disconnect the autopilot, the trim is really sensitive, making it hard to hand fly.A: This is the control acceleration glitch common in advanced panels on MSFS. The only known cure is the "fix control acceleration" feature in FSUIPC (registered payware version, MISC tab). Because FSUIPC is so deeply integrated into many of the advanced features of this panel, we have evolved to a point where it is necessary to have a registered copy of FSUIPC as a prerequisite to running the panel. 11. Q: I can't get the CIVA INS to control the autopilot. If I click on the NAV/RAD switch nothing happens.A: Make sure you have version 1.50 or later of the CIVA INS, and that it remains installed where the CIVA installer put it. The panel integration won't work with any previous version of the CIVA unit.12. Q: I can't get the HSI to show course/distance info from the ISG gauges.A. Make sure you have ISGEquipped set to 1 in the TM.ini file or have added "ISG" to the aircraft.cfg title= line (found in fltsim.xx section) of the acft/livery you want to fly.13. Q: Why do all the liveries in FSX show us as a plain white aircraft?A: The TinMouse models will NOT work properly in the FSX DirectX 10 preview mode. Disable DirectX preview and the liveries should work normally.

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